Does Current Policy Support Reproductive Health of Australian Defence Force Veterans? A Review of Australian Defence Force Policy

Introduction Reproductive health is of central importance to the structure of people’s lives and is fundamental to human identity. Increasingly, the importance of reproductive health is recognised at individual, societal and global levels. The issues encompassed are different for males and females and change dramatically over a person’s lifetime1. Infertility affects approximately 1 in 6… Read more »

By R Warner , S. Neuhaus , J Avery and M Davies In   Issue Volume 27 Number 3 .

An Overview of the Key Elements Required for Haemostasis Following Military Trauma from the Point of Injury to Definitive care

Abstract Haemorrhage control for traumatised soldiers takes place at many levels, from the point of injury through resuscitation and reception into surgical facilities, and postoperatively to intensive care units where normalisation of physiology and ultimate recovery following definitive surgery may be achieved. Differences in priorities and availability of interventions at each level of care provide… Read more »

By LTCOL Charles H.C. Pilgrim In   Issue Volume 27 Number 2 .

Systematic Review of The Impact of Deployment on Respiratory Function of Contemporary International and Australian Veterans’

H Ighani, E Lawrence-Wood, SJ Neuhaus, A McFarlane Abstract Current international literature suggests a higher prevalence of respiratory conditions in military personnel during and following deployment to the Middle East for reasons that are not well understood. Therefore, a systematic review of research into the impacts of deployment on respiratory function among international and Australian… Read more »

In   Issue Volume 27 Number 1 .

Homeless Indigenous Veterans and the Current Gaps in Knowledge: The State of the Literature

J Serrato, H Hassan, C Forchuk Background & purpose: The unique experiences of homelessness for Indigenous Veterans are currently understudied. The purpose of this review was to assess the current literature on homelessness among Indigenous Veterans, to identify the gaps in the existing knowledge base and to provide an insight into future research. Materials &… Read more »

In   Issue Volume 27 Number 1 .

Eye in the sky: Understanding the mental health of unmanned aerial vehicle operators.

D Wallace, J Costello Abstract Background: Recent conflicts in the Middle East have seen rapid developments in the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). The Australian Government plans to acquire a number of UAVs to perform a range of operations. Purpose: To determine whether UAV operators are exposed to greater or special risks to their… Read more »

In   Issue Volume 25 No. 3 .

Military Effectiveness of Five Dietary Supplements Purported to Aid Cognitive and Physical Performance

Bradley Baker, Chris Forbes-Ewan ABSTRACT Background: The effectiveness of dietary supplements in sustaining physical and/or cognitive performance is of interest to the military. Rhodiola rosea, long-chain omega-3 fatty acids (LC omega-3), beetroot juice, arginine and beta-alanine have recently been claimed to enhance cognitive and/or physical performance when taken as supplements. Purpose: To narratively review recent… Read more »

In   Issue Volume 25 No. 2 .

Application of Clinical Governance in a Role 2E Hospital: The 2nd General Health Battalion Experience

R. Linwood, N. Duff, A. Stewart, Flint, M. Reade, P. Krohn, A. Williams, B. McCall Abstract Improvements in clinical governance in Australian Army health services in recent years have reflected and drawn upon developments in the civilian sector. This paper describes how 2 GHB adapted and incorporated key civilian health system measures to drive improvements in the… Read more »

In   Issue Volume 25 No. 1 .

A Systematic Review of the Impacts of Active Military Service on Sexual and Reproductive Health Outcomes Among Servicewomen and Female Veterans of Armed Forces

E. Lawrence-Wood,1 S. Kumar,2 S Crompvoets,3 B. G. Fosh,4 H. Rahmanian,1 L. Jones,1 S. Neuhaus1 Background There are clear evidence gaps relating to health outcomes of servicewomen and female military veterans (here included as servicewomen). In addition to physical health, mental wellbeing and maternal health, there is limited literature regarding their sexual and reproductive health,… Read more »

By E. Lawrence-Wood , S. Kumar , Samantha Crompvoets , B. G. Fosh , H. Rahmanian , L. Jones and S. Neuhaus In   Issue Volume 24 No. 3 .

Article Review – Dr Andrew Robertston

Need JT, Mothershead JL. Strategic National Stockpile  program: implications for  military medicine. Mil Med. 2006 Aug;171(8):698-702. The Strategic National  Stockpile (SNS)  program. managed by the Centers  for Disease Control  and Prevention. Department of Health  and Human Services. is designed  to deliver critical medical  resources to the site of a national emergency. A recent  interagency agreement  between… Read more »

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A Review of Art Therapy Among Military Service Members and Veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Introduction Every day in the United States approximately 22 veterans, and one active duty service member, reservist, or national guardsman commits suicide and the rate is climbing.1-2 In 2008, there were 197 reported suicides; 2009, 238; 2010, 301; 2011, 283; 2012, 325.3 In addition to fighting the Global War on Terror, current service members and veterans are left to battle postwar… Read more »

By Jeremy Ramirez, BS, MPH-C In   Issue Volume 24 No.2 .