Latest Issue: Volume 27 Number 1

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Wither Nuclear? In this issue, Heslop and Westphalen review medical chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) defence in the Australian Defence Force.1 The ongoing interest of militaries and non-state actors in these weapons, while waxing and waning over the last 100 years, continues, and requires appropriate military health preparations. While chemical, biological and, to a… Read more »

By Andrew Robertson In   Issue Volume 27 Number 1 .

Comparison of Two Co-Located Infantry Battalions during the 1918 Influenza Pandemic with Very Different Mortality Experiences

D Shanks, M Waller Abstract The 1918–1919 influenza pandemic was the greatest mortality event in recent history whose specific origins and mechanism remain largely unexplained. Wide ranges of mortality were observed in otherwise identical groups for unclear reasons. The 49th (n=1363) and 50th (n=1243) Battalions (BN) of the Australian Imperial Force (AIF) respectively had one… Read more »

By Dennis Shanks In   Issue Volume 27 Number 1 .

The Australian Army’s Two ‘Traditional’ Diseases: Gonorrhea and Syphilis — A Military-Medical History During the Twentieth Century

Ian Howie-Willis Abstract Two sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) marched in lockstep with the Australian Army in most, if not all, its overseas campaigns during the twentieth century. Gonorrhoea and syphilis, bacterial infections spread most commonly through sexual intercourse. This article illustrates through reference to the Australian Army’s major overseas deployments; from the Boer War at… Read more »

By Ian Howie-Willis In   Issue Volume 27 Number 1 .