2017 AMMA Conference Abstracts

Abstracts 9- A Review of Civil-Military Cooperation and Response During Epidemic and Pandemic Events 9- A Systematic Approach to Ensure Full Preparedness of Medical Support Missions in Disaster and Conflict Scenarios 11- Airway and Ventilation Management following Severe Burns 11- An Endoscopic Trial of Fibrin/Thrombin Patches, Fibrin/Thrombin glue and Beta-Chitin Patches for Major Vessel Bleeding… Read more »

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2016 AMMA Conference Abstracts

9 – A Bibliometric Analysis of Military Trauma Registry Publications 10 – A Novel Peer-Lead Treatment Program for Military Veterans: The Stair Program 10 – ADF Forward CBRN Medical Capabilities – Preparing for Black Swans 11 – An Integrative Approach to Measurement of Resilience to Psychological Stress 12 – Army Combat Health Certification – How… Read more »

In   Issue Volume 24 No. 4 .

Conference Abstracts

The Emotional and Behavioural Challenges of Pandemic Situations – H Holloway Operational Mental Health – The Challenge to Finding the Facts – G. Larkin The Nursing Management of the Intoxicated Patient: A Rural Perspective – SC  Mangion “I’m an Australian, Get me out of here.” Health Support to the Lebanon Evacuation – T Smart, D Mitchell ‘Naturally-functional foods’: Roles for Molecular Composition… Read more »

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2007 AMMA Conference Abstracts

Ortho/soft tissue DCS, US Vs Aust training – Greg Bruce Trauma-damage control surgery: post-operative care – George Merridew Damage control head and neck surgery and the training of the military surgeon – Jeffrey Rosenfeld Clinical priorities of perioperative care supporting damage control – the chain of survival for battlefield trauma – Sandy Zalstein Psychological support to high risk groups: a review of the challenges… Read more »

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2009 AMMA Conference Abstracts

Click Here to Download Full Abstracts  Fiona Wood – A decade of disaster planning for burn injuries Stephanie Hodson and Alexander McFarlane – What are the mental health outcomes of deployment? Disagreement amongst our allies John Shephard, Kane Lavender and John Sanderson – A descriptive study of mental health morbidity in the RAP of a high readiness infantry battalion… Read more »

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2015 AMMA Conference Abstracts

Please find attached the 2015 AMMA Conference Abstracts. Contents 8 – The ADF Centre for Mental Health Second Opinion Clinic. (Dr Duncan Wallace & LTCOL Jacqueline Costello) 8 –ADF Medical Specialist Program/Clinical Placement Deed Update. (CMDR Craig Spinks & CMDR Wendy Davey) 9 – ADF Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2016-2020: where we have come from and where… Read more »

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AMMA/Repat Foundation Inc. Joint Conference Abstracts

Download Full Abstracts Here  Tim Hodgetts – The combat casualty care revolution Kym Connolly, Jacqui Derriman, Liam Connor – Using mobile technology to improve patient compliance and manage Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms: PTSD Coach Australia Monique Crane, Virginia Lewis, David Forbes, Andrew Cohn, Helen Benassi, Russell Reid – The Longitudinal ADF Study Evaluating Resilience Breanna Wright, Andrew Forbes, Helen… Read more »

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2012 AMMA Conference Abstracts

Download Full Abstracts Here  Adrian Smith, Sonu Qurashi – Motion sickness desensitisation: a review of ADF experience of ‘success’ CMDR Anthony Holley, Mr Nick Mckeough RN, LTCOL Michael Reade – Transfusion practice in critical care burns patients – lessons for the military Mr Geoffrey Crowley, Dr Mark Creaby, Ms Sharne Neill, Prof Julie Hides, Dr Melinda Smith – Lumbar multifidus muscle size… Read more »

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2011 AMMA Conference Abstracts

Download Full Abstracts Here Annette Dobson, Keith Horsley, Carol Davy, Wu Yi Zheng, Michael Waller, Susan Treloar, Maria Abraham, Jeeva Kanesarajah, Derek Browne, Colleen Loos – Middle East Area Operations Health Study Dr Ian Norton – Training health personnel for disaster humanitarian responses; the power of immersion Neil Westphalen – The CANBERRA Class LHDs: a New Maritime Role 2 Enhanced Capability for… Read more »

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