2012 AMMA Conference Abstracts

In   Issue Volume 21 No. 1 .

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  1. Adrian Smith, Sonu Qurashi – Motion sickness desensitisation: a review of ADF experience of ‘success’
  2. CMDR Anthony Holley, Mr Nick Mckeough RN, LTCOL Michael Reade – Transfusion practice in critical care burns patients – lessons for the military
  3. Mr Geoffrey Crowley, Dr Mark Creaby, Ms Sharne Neill, Prof Julie Hides, Dr Melinda Smith – Lumbar multifidus muscle size is associated with lower limb overuse injuries in military specialist traineesc
  4. Dr Martin Christie, M.B.Ch.B., Dip. Obs., F.R.A.C.S. – Penetrating Intracranial Injury caused by mud
  5. Tony Delaney – Tendinopathies, Enthesophies, Overuse Injuries and Alphabet Soup. Where is the Science?
  6. Maureen Montalban – Current Themes in Operational Mental Health
  7. Mark Mathieson (Major – Army Reserve) – Enhancing capability and resilience through Positive Psychology
  8. Nicole Sadler – Pre-deployment BattleSMART: The development and evolution of psychological resilience training for ADF personnel preparing for operations
  9. Dr Stephen Rayner & Ms Jane Nursey – RESET – Recognising Early Signs of Emerging Trauma: An indicated prevention program for PTSD
  10. Alexander McFarlane – Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) in the Australian Defence Force: Results from the 2010 ADF Mental Health Prevalence and Wellbeing Dataset
  11. SQNLDR Michael Lumsden-Steel – Development of a medical officer Pharmacology Training Package for the RAAF – Update
  12. James Ross, Meredith Leonard – Maintaining connectedness and skills in the geographically dispersed clinical workforce
  13. Jessica Burton and Bronte Douglas – Northern Territory ADF Clinical Placement Program
  14. Kylie Douglas – Reinvigorating CBRN Health Training for Defence Personnel- a new perspective
  15. Glenn Keys – Care in Combat Training for Defence
  16. Adj. A/Prof Norton Duckmanton, OAM – Considerations in the dental treatment for Vietnam war veterans with PTSD
  17. Samantha Crompvoets, PhD – The health and wellbeing of Australia’s female Vietnam and contemporary veterans
  18. Dr Jillian Ikin, Ms Stella-May Gwini, Dr Helen Kelsall, Ms Breanna Wright, Prof Malcolm Sim – Cancer incidence and mortality in Australian Gulf War veterans
  19. Dr Annabel McGuire, Ms Catherine Runge, Dr Renee Anderson, Ms Katrina Bredhauer, Professor Annette Dobson, A/Prof Peter Nasveld – Risk and resilience in Australian military families
  20. SQNLDR Michael Clements – When is it permitted to break medical in confidence? a discussion of the ethical issues for defence medical staff in a case of codeine addiction
  21. Justine Ward, Paul Murdoch, Nick Saunders – Statements of Principles, process and challenges
    with translating epidemiology into legal instruments.
  22. Ms Yolanda Kuruc – Credentialing and the law
  23. David Thompson – International Humanitarian Law / Law of Armed Conflict in relation to health personnel. Why do we still not understand?
  24. COL Leonard Brennan – The introduction of operational automated neuro-cognitive testing in the Australian Defence Force
  25. Dr Miranda Van Hooff, Dr Kate Fairweather-Schmidt, Professor Alexander McFarlane, Colonel Stephanie Hodson, Mrs Helen Benassi, Dr Alan Verhagen, Mrs Nicole Steele – Suicidality in the Australian Defence Force: Results from the 2010 ADF Mental Health Prevalence and Wellbeing Dataset
  26. Carole Windley – Suicide Prevention in the ADF: Up skilling the mental health provider workforce
  27. Dr Annabel McGuire, Ms Catherine Runge, Dr Renee Anderson, Ms Katrina Bredhauer, Professor Annette Dobson, A/Prof Peter Nasveld – Consequences of deployment to Timor-Leste for Australian military families
  28. Dr Duncan Wallace – Telepsychiatry in the Australian Defence Force
  29. Dr Miranda Van Hooff, Professor Alexander McFarlane, Colonel Stephanie Hodson, Mrs Helen Benassi, Dr Alan Verhagen, Mrs Nicole Steele – Tobacco Use and Nicotine Dependence in the Australian Defence Force: Results from the 2010 ADF Mental Health Prevalence and Wellbeing Dataset
  30. CDRE Jenny Firman, LEUT Brendan Peek – Professional Development for Military Medical Officers; components towards the Diploma in Military Medicine
  31. Turner JT, Smith AM, Cable GG – Aerospace medicine as a clinical specialty – an initiative to recognize ‘specialists in aerospace medicine’
  32. LTCOL Michael C. Reade – The ADF Chair of Military Medicine and Surgery
  33. COL Richard Mallet, MAJ Carol Waldeck – Masters of Military Medicine – Enhancing Medical
    Officer Education & Training
  34. David Forbes, O’Donnell, ML., Varker, T., Perry, D. – The Effect of Centre-Based Counselling for
    Veterans and Veterans’ Families on Long Term Mental Health Outcomes
  35. Assoc. Prof. Cliff Pollard – The Great War and the Brisbane Hospital
  36. Professor Geoffrey Quail – More than Malaria. The contribution of Australian Army Doctors to the science of Tropical Medicine in the two World Wars.
  37. Peter Hurly – The Case of the Pelvic Digit
  38. AIRCDRE Warren Harrex, COL John Turner, CMDR Neil Westphalen – Vom militarisches sanitats leistungen: On military health services
  39. Dr Amanda Dines, CMDR Alison Thomas – Pilot Australian Defence Force Military Surgical Team at Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital 2012
  40. Mark Elliott – Providing Effective Forward Surgery in Manoeuvre Warfighting – A Command Perspective
  41. LTCOL Michael C. Reade – Controversies in trauma resuscitation: plasma-tored cell ratios, platelets, tranexamic acid, and hypotensive resuscitation
  42. CMDR Anthony Holley – Frozen blood products: a solution for deployed health facilities?
  43. Jim Porteous – Rehabilitation and Recovery of Military Personnel with Serious Wounds, Injuries and Illnesses
  44. Dr Helen Kelsall, Dr Dean McKenzie, Prof Andrew Forbes, Ms Mina Roberts, Prof Malcolm Sim – Musculoskeletal conditions and psychological comorbidities in Australian Gulf War veterans
  45. Samantha Crompvoets, PhD – The health and wellbeing of ADF reservists: A review of the literature
  46. Delyth Lloyd, Chris Clarke, John O’Connor, Kym Connolly, Jane Nursey, Andrea Phelps – The Wellbeing Toolbox: Findings of the evaluation of an online mental health and wellbeing resource
  47. Hodson S, Van Hooff M, McFarlane A, Benassi H, Verhagen A, Steele, N – Help Seeking, Stigma and Barriers to Receiving Care in the ADF: The mediating role of mental health disorder
  48. Andrew Khoo, Michael T. Dent, Tian P.S. Oei – Group Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Treatment for Service Related Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Effectiveness, Sustainability and Repeatability.
  49. Glenn Keys, James Williams – Environmental Health Provision in Humanitarian Crisis
  50. Dr Mike Broady, International SOS – Regional Medical Director – Assistance – Working Overseas – Medical Assistance and Evacuation
  51. John McHugh – The crucial role undertaken by this directorate in humanitarian assistance /civil action operations during pacific partnership 2012 and the wide scope of operations able to be managed on this
  52. LTCOL Michael C. Reade – The effectiveness of civilian trauma centres and systems: lessons for the ADF?
  53. Adjunct Professor John Parkes, CSC; Associate Professor Peter Nasveld; Professor Peter Warfe, CSC – Results of the Army Colour Perception Study
  54. Dr Adrian Smith, Mr David Philips – Exposure of aircrew to hand-held laser pointers: what are the risks?
  55. Assistant Professor Robin Orr, DR Rodney Pope, DR Venerina Johnston, Associate Professor Julia Coyle – Soldier Load Carriage: A investigation of the load conditioning practices of the Australian Regular
  56. Adrian Smith – Recognition of hypoxia in a simulated flight environment.
  57. CMDR Neil Westphalen – Defence medical officer attitude survey: the ADF medical employment classification review (MECR) system
  58. SQNLDR Michael Clements – Nine months on: Expectation management, efficiencies and challenges for a frontline medical facility during Garrison Health Transition
  59. Dr Rosa Canalese, Ms Felicity Gemmell-Smith – GP Training For ADF Registrars –It Can Be Done, And It Can Be Fun
  60. Anderson, R., McGuire, A., Runge, C., Breadhauer, K., Waller, M., Kanesarajah, J., Nasveld, P., & Dobson, A. – Relationship between ADF member’s health, partner’s health, and child health outcomes: Findings from the Timor-Leste Family Study on Australian families
  61. E. James Kehoe and Geoffrey J. Orme – Reservist Deployment: Perceptions of Benefits and Costs by Families and Employers
  62. Dr Carol Davy, Ms Michelle Lorimer, Prof Alexander McFarlane, Prof Annette Dobson – The Perceived Impact of Military Life on Children
  63. Breanna Wright, Dr Helen Kelsall, Prof Malcolm Sim, Prof David Clarke, Prof Mark Creamer – Unit cohesion, family and social support in relation to PTSD in veterans of deployments to the Gulf War, Iraq and Afghanistan: a systematic review
  64. Geoffrey J. Orme, and E. James Kehoe – Evaluation of a Reintegration Presentation for Returning Australian Army Reservists
  65. CMDR Ross Mills – Sick at Sea – RAN Medevac
  66. COL Richard Mallet – The Forces Command Soldier Recovery System
  67. Al Muderis M, Bosley B, Kumar A, Laux S. – Integral Leg Prosthesis. (Early results of the osseointegration group of Australia accelerated protocol).
  68. Mr Simon Graham – Initiatives to promote successful rehabilitation outcomes and veteran wellness
  69. Peter Hurly – The Magnificent Men Return!
  70. A/Prof Susan Neuhaus, MS Sharon Mascall-Dare – A woman at war: The life and times of Dr Phoebe
    Chapple MM, an Australian surgeon on the Western Front.
  71. Dr Barry E Reed – Courage, Endurance and Care: Australian Army Mobile Hospital teams in the Kokoda Campaign
  72. Dr Rosalind Hearder – Two different shadows: caring for Australian and American ex-POWs after World War II