AMMA/Repat Foundation Inc. Joint Conference Abstracts

In   Issue Volume 21 No. 4 .

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  1. Tim Hodgetts – The combat casualty care revolution
  2. Kym Connolly, Jacqui Derriman, Liam Connor – Using mobile technology to improve patient
    compliance and manage Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms: PTSD Coach Australia
  3. Monique Crane, Virginia Lewis, David Forbes, Andrew Cohn, Helen Benassi, Russell Reid – The Longitudinal ADF Study Evaluating Resilience
  4. Breanna Wright, Andrew Forbes, Helen Kelsall, David Clarke, Jill Blackman, Malcolm Sim – Development of the Deployment Reflections Scale and its relationship with stress and psychological health
  5. Helen Benassi, Nicole Sadler – Mental Health Screening in the ADF: Are we getting it right?
  6. Amelia Searle, Kate Fairweather-Schmidt, Elizabeth Saccone, Miranda Van Hooff, Thao Tran, Lisa Hedges,
    Michelle Lorimer, & Alexander McFarlane -Detailed associations between operational deployment and mental disorder in the Australian Defence Force
  7. DavyCP, Lorimer M, McFarlane A, Hodson S, Crompvoet S, Lawrence-Wood E, Neuhaus SJ – The Well-being of Australian Serving Mothers
  8. Rachelle Warner, Adrian Fuente, Louise Hickson, Peter Nasveld – Planes and Brains: Jet fuel, noise and the central auditory nervous system
  9. Rahmanian H, Rowland K, Lawrence-Wood E, McFarlane A, Neuhaus SJ – A pilot study to investigate persistent Strongyloides in South Australian Vietnam Veterans
  10. Darren Foreman, Lovelace Osei Tutu, Sheryl Edwards, Sophie Plagakis – How do we treat veterans with muscle invasive bladder cancer?
  11. Couineau A, Lloyd D, Hawkins K, Kartal D, Nixon R, Perry D, Forbes D – From randomised controlled trial to national rollout: outcomes of a national implementation program of Cognitive Processing Therapy across
    the Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service
  12. Bret Power, Adrian Smith – Aircrew spectacles: Pitfalls and limitations reported by ADF aircrew.
  13. Glenn D. Pascoe – Custom Moulded Communication Ear Plugs for Operational use by RAN Aircrew
  14. Adrian Smith – Aeromedical risk assessment of smoke and fumes incidents.
  15. Kym Connolly, Tim Adams – Responding to identified knowledge gaps in secondary mental health workers
  16. Adrian Smith – Continuing professional development in aerospace medicine.
  17. Jeffrey V Rosenfeld – Are soldiers at risk of developing chronic traumatic encephalopathy?
  18. Dr Lynley Bradnam – Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation – an adjuvant for rehabilitation of the future?
  19. Isaac Seidl, Dan Corkery – Introduction into Australian Service of Oral Transmucosal Fentanyl Citrate for Battlefield Analgesia
  20. Rolan PE, Lim CBS, Sunderland B, Liu Y and Molnar V – A novel formulation of sublingual ketamine with
    consistent bioavailability : a potential analgesic for the battlefield
  21. Anthony S. Weiss – Elastin-based wound repair materials
  22. Danielle E. Dye, Beverley F. Kinnear, Vishal Chaturvedi, Elizabeth Grenick, Deirdre R. Coombe – Bioactive scaffolds in skeletal muscle repair and regeneration
  23. Jeffrey V Rosenfeld – Emerging bionic vision solutions for blinded veterans
  24. Sally Cavenett – Re-building the soldier: prosthetic limb technology
  25. Kirsty Hendy, Anri Visser, Brenton Hordacre, Assoc. Prof. Michael Shanahan and Dr. Lynley Bradnam – Afferent Inhibition and Cortical Excitability Following Suprascapular Nerve Block in Shoulder Pain Patients
  26. Lacey Johnson, Shereen Tan, Craig Coorey, Denese Marks – Evaluation of alternate solutions for the
    reconstitution of cryopreserved platelets to improve post-thaw recovery
  27. A/Prof Rainer Viktor Haberberger, Dr Robyn Meech – How changes in the control of DNA determine if
    someone develops chronic pain
  28. Christopher J Verco – “Blood, Sweat and Fears” The 2014 Project
  29. Anthony Swain – Australian Naval and Military Expedition Force of 1914 (“Blood Sweat and Fears” the 2014 Project)
  30. Cliff Pollard – Military and Civilian Hospitals in Brisbane in World War 2
  31. Christopher J Verco – The British Medical Journal during the first year of World War I (1914-1915)
  32. Belinda Beck – Prevalence of serum 25(OH)D deficiency and relationship to musculoskeletal injury in Australian Army recruits
  33. David J Hunter, L Stefan Lohmander, J Makovey, J Tamez-Pena, S Totterman, E Schreyer and RB Frobell – The effect of anterior cruciate ligament injury on bone curvature over 5 years: The KANON Trial
  34. Brenton HORDACRE, Lynley BRADNAM, Chris BARR, Benjamin PATRITTI, Maria CROTTY – The relationship of ipsilateral and contralateral projections to the quadriceps muscle on control of gait and balance in transtibial amputees
  35. Helen L Kelsall, Dean P McKenzie, Andrew B Forbes, Minainyo H Roberts, Donna M Urquhart, Malcolm R Sim – Pain-related musculoskeletal disorders, psychological comorbidity and wellbeing in Australian Gulf War veterans – 10 years after the Gulf War
  36. Mark Parrish – Delivering quality healthcare in challenging environments
  37. Isaac Seidl – Postcard from America – our systems, our failures, and our aspirations for health care
  38. Roger Farrow – Outsourcing defence healthcare to civilian contractors – towards a seamlessly integrated
  39. Chris Alderman1,2, Andrew Gilbert1, V Tammy LeBlanc1, Lisa M Kalisch1, Nicole Pratt1, John Barratt1, Emmae N Ramsay1, Robert Peck3, Graeme Killer3, Elizabeth E Roughead.1 – The Veterans’ MATES program: Using routinely collected administrative health claims data health outcomes for veterans
  40. Shaun Robertson – Royal Australian Air Force Aeromedical Evacuation Capability – A capable force in response to disaster and Defence Assistance to the Civil Community (DACC).
  41. Robert Curtis – Maritime Medical Diplomacy as an Instrument of Soft Power
  42. Alison Creagh – The ADF Theatre Project: A performing arts rehabilitation project
  43. Kendall Bird – Contemporary Veterans’ experience of an Australian Peer Outdoor Support Therapy (POST) Program
  44. Maurie O’Connor – Australian Defence Force Alcohol Management Strategy (ADFAMS)
  45. Jason Watterson – Reducing alcohol-related incidents over 12 months in at-risk naval trainees post participation in the in-hospital trauma prevention program, P.A.R.T.Y. (Prevent Alcohol & Risk-related Trauma in Youth): a pilot evaluation.
  46. Kym Connolly – Development of an alcohol management mobile application to encourage healthy drinking amongst young serving ADF personnel
  47. Sue Penn-Turrall, Jill Buckfield – Introducing SeMPRO SORT Model
  48. Amanda Garlick – The Role of CASPEAN
  49. Werner Madei – Massive Transfusion Protocol Blood in the German combat support hospitals in Afghanistan