Lessons Learned: The Australian Military and Tropical Medicine

P Leggat *Quail GG. Lessons Learned: The Australian Military and Tropical Medicine. Newport: Big Sky Publishing, 2017. ISBN 978-1-925520-22-4. Hardback. 254 pp AUD34.99 (also available as an eBook) Throughout the history of modern war, tropical diseases have played a significant role in determining the outcome of various military campaigns through the ages. For example, malaria… Read more »

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Logistics in The Falklands War

Captain Arthur M. Smith The recent Australian Defence White Paper 2016 defined the unique security challenges facing thenation. Strategic planning within the document includes recognition of the regional and global nature of the nation’s security interests, and the very different sets of challenges that are created for the defence force by state, and also non-state actors such as terrorists…. Read more »

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High G Flight: Physiological Effects and Countermeasures

P. Leggat High G flight is a significant challenge facing crew in high performance military aircraft, spacecraft, and in some other settings, such as acrobatic and tourismbased fighter jet aircraft in the civilian sector. It may also be experienced in high G simulators and commercial fighter jet tourist experiences. G is defined as “a dimensionless ratio which expresses the applied acceleration that… Read more »

In   Issue Volume 25 No. 1 .

Constant Care

Reviewed  by CAPT  RMSG John Knight (Retired) The subtitle of the book is “The Royal  Australian Navy  Health Services, 1915 to 2002.” The dedication  is to the memory of all Medical and Dental  Officers and Sick Berth Staff who were killed in action  or died on active service in World War Two. John  Jeppesen was well known… Read more »

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Framework for a Public Health Emergency Operations Centre

In 2013, the Public Health Emergency Operations Centre Network (EOC-NET) of the World Health Organization (WHO) embarked on a project to develop a framework for public health emergency operation centres (EOCs). This included systematic reviews of public health EOCs (PHEOCs) as well as EOC-related plans and procedures; communication technology and infrastructure; minimum datasets and standards; and training and exercises.1 These were conducted in parallel… Read more »

By Peter Leggat In   Issue Volume 24 No.1 .

The Practical Compendium of Immunisations for International Travel

In the context of protecting travellers going abroad, “vaccination is a highly effective method of preventing certain infectious diseases”.1 At last here is a practical manual for travel immunisations which is relevant for this region, and is an ideal companion in the clinic for The Australian Immunisation Handbook2 and similar guidelines for the region. The Practical Compendium of Immunisations for International Travel brings… Read more »

By Marc Shaw and Claire Wong In   Issue Volume 24 No.1 .

Textbook of Adult Emergency Medicine* Peter Cameron, George Jelinek, Anne-Marie Kelly, Anthony F.T. Brown and Mark Little

*4th edn, 1104 pp, paperback with illustrations, ISBN: 978-0-7020-5335-1. Sydney, Churchill Livingstone (an imprint of Elsevier), RRP: $114.74, 2014. The International Federation for Emergency Medicine definition of emergency medicine is provided in the Introduction of the Textbook of Adult Emergency Medicine, which defines the areas as: “a field of practice based on the knowledge and… Read more »

By Peter Leggat In   Issue Volume 23 No. 2 .

Pioneers of Medicine without a Nobel Prize* Gilbert Thompson (Editor)

*Thompson G (Ed). Pioneers of Medicine without a Nobel Prize. London: Imperial College Press, 2014. ISBN 978-1-78326-383-7. Hardback. 296 pp USD128 (also available as softcover and eBook) The Nobel Prize was established in 1901 using a bequest from Alfred Nobel and is probably the most highly regarded international award. Nobel prizes are currently awarded annually… Read more »

By Peter Leggat In   Issue Volume 23 No. 2 .

Starlight: An Australian Army Doctor in Vietnam

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By Peter Leggat In   Issue Volume 20 No. 3 .


Petra Buttner and Reinhold Muller* *1st edn, (xxiv) + 600 pp, paperback with extensive illustrations, Oxford, Oxford University Press, RRP: $83.95, 2011. ISBN: 9780195573893 The field of epidemiology is a science and it remains “one of the many contributors to guiding action” in public health.1 The field is crowded with published books with over 9500… Read more »

By Peter Leggat In   Issue Volume 20 No. 2 .