Constant Care

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Reviewed  by CAPT  RMSG John Knight (Retired)

The subtitle of the book is “The Royal  Australian Navy  Health Services, 1915 to 2002.”

The dedication  is to the memory of all Medical and Dental  Officers and Sick Berth Staff who were killed in action  or died on active service in World War Two. John  Jeppesen was well known to the Medical officers of the Port Melbourne  Division of the RANR when was working in Navy Office in Melbourne  in the late 1960s and ea rly 1970s.  This book was written wit h the encouragement of the late Surgeon  Rear Admiral S. J.Lloyd, usually referred to as “Noisy”.  Both men had an interest  in the history of the RAN and Jepp produced a n anthology  of memoirs  and old and newer “instructions” covering 1 915 to 2002.  Most of the book is devoted  to war experiences  of sick berth staff at sea and afloat  with an occasional  medical officer ‘s repo11. It is now over thirty years since the sick bay man took on his, and now her, new name. Constant  Care is a book to dip into and see the differences between the past and the present.  In both times  the patient came first. For all Health Professionals associated  with the RAN and RANR  this book should be on their reading list. There will be something that they knew nothing about.