2016 AMMA Conference Abstracts

In   Issue Volume 24 No. 4 .

9 – A Bibliometric Analysis of Military Trauma Registry Publications

10 – A Novel Peer-Lead Treatment Program for Military Veterans: The Stair Program

10 – ADF Forward CBRN Medical Capabilities – Preparing for Black Swans

11 – An Integrative Approach to Measurement of Resilience to Psychological Stress

12 – Army Combat Health Certification – How Does Our Performance Measure Up?

13 – Army School of Health, Combat Health Training Team

13 – Australian Antarctic Trial Aeromedical Evacuation

14 – Beyond the Part Task Trainer- A Renaissance in ADF Health Simulation.

15 – Can Culture Have an Impact on Clinical Performance? How can we Evolve for Ourselves and our Patients?
15 – Changes to Health Support Allowance and the new health declaration

16 – Clinical Leadership Development Model – A Proposal

17 – Clinical Standards and Audit Project

17 – Combat Training Injuries in Australian Army Personnel

18 – Dental Casualty Rates in the Middle East Area of Operations, 2016

18 – Detection and Mitigation of Hearing Loss in the Australian Defence Forces

19 – Developing Army Psychology Capability – Training through to Combat

20 – Diploma Military Medicine Update

20 – Drinking Motives as a Mediator of Hazardous and Harmful Drinking in Young Royal Australian Navy trainees.

21 – Drinking to Cope with Operational Deployment: A Longitudinal, Prospective Investigation into Alcohol Use and Motivations to Consume Alcohol

22 – Effective Leadership on Operations: Perspectives from NZDF Commanding Officers

22 – Exploring the Impact of Deployment to a Combat Zone: The Impact of Combat Study

23 – Ex-Service Organisations (ESO) Mapping Project

24 – From Military Service to Civilian Life: The Impact of Transition on ADF Servicemen And Servicewomen

25 – From Soldier to Civilian: ‘Culture Clashes’ Observed by Mental Health Clinicians and the Impact on the Reintegration Process

26 – Future Soldier Rehabilitation

26 – Health Service Use and Disability Compensation Claims in Military Personnel with Multi-Symptom Illness and those with Chronic Diseases

27 – Hostage Post-Release Support Utilising a Psychological First Aid Framework

28 – ICD-10 Mental Disorder in Australian Defence Force Personnel and Australian First Responders: Prevalence and Predictors in Two Occupational Settings

29 – Injuries Associated with Sport Participation Amongst Australian Army Personnel

29 – Injury and Musculoskeletal Disorders in Australian Gulf War Veterans: 20 Years After Deployment

30 – Intergenerational Effect of Deployment: Findings from Vietnam Veterans Family Study

31 – International Engagement Over the Ditch – Operational Psychology

31 – Introduction to the Defence Health Manual: The One Stop Health Policy Shop

32 – It’s Time to RESET: Proof of Concept of a Coach-Based, Skills Building Group Program for Current Serving ADF Members

33 – Joint Project 2060 – ADF Deployable Health Capability update

33 – Male Dominated Work Places – Are There Lessons for the Military from Working Well: Mental Health and Mining?

34 – Matching Physical Capacity to Work – Drawing the Parts Together

35 – Mental Health Problems in Deployed ADF Members: Effects of Deployment-Related and Pre-Deployment Trauma, and Pre-Deployment Mental Health Problems

36 – Mental Health Risk Assessment Training: A Blended Online and Face-To-Face Training Program for Defence Mental Health Professionals

37 – Mental Health Screening Continuum: Results of the Medical Officer Mental Health Screen Pilot Evaluation

37 – Moving Military Hospital Management into the Digital Age – The Virtual Hospital as a Tool for Improved Efficiency, Training, Communication and Predictive Modelling

38 – Nationwide Improvement of Business Processes in Garrison Health Operations

39 – Neck Pain In Fighter Pilots – Have we Identified the Risk Factors?

39 – New ANZCOR Traumatic Cardiac Arrest Guidelines: Building on Military Experience

40 – New Zealand Medical Services at the Battle of the Somme – 1916

41 – Optimising Mental Health And Quality Of Life For Australia’s Military Personnel And Veterans With PTSD: Establishing A Randomised Controlled Trial

42 – Optimising performance through incorporation of biofeedback into reality-based training

42 – Pathways to mental health care in the ADF and the hidden unmet need

43 – Peak Performance: The Missing Piece

44 – Persistence of the Dunning-Kruger Effect in Frontline Management Training

44 – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – Clinical Presentation and Management

44 – Psychosocial Stressors of Deployment for NZDF Personnel

45 – Quality Assurance Audit of the Mental Health of RAAF Personnel Engaged in Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Operations 2013-14

46 – Quality Improvements to Complaints and Clinical Incident Management related to ADF Contracted Health Services

47 – Resilience Through a Positive Model of Self Reflection, Adversity and Mental Fitness

48 – Role 2 Health Service Support in the New Zealand Defence Force, from 1997 to 2016

48 – Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps Employment Model Development – A Proposal

49 – Shock Trauma: Bringing Surgery to the Fight

50 – Sleep Factors Underpinning Nightmares of PTSD: An Ambulatory PSG Study

51 – Social Determinants of Health & Military and Veteran Communities – The Value of the Military Social Work Lens

52 – Storage duration of platelets and outcomes of critically ill patients

53 – Sustaining Military Personnel at High Altitude – An Account of an Australian Defence Force and Indian Army Collaborative Information Exchange and an Update of Altitude Illness, Prevention and Treatment

54 – Targeted Musculoskeletal Pre-Conditioning for Recruit Training: Early Findings of the PREFIT Study

55 – TCCC, Teamwork and Calm Thinking Saves Lives After a Complex Attack Against a Coalition Base in Afghanistan

56 – The Australian Defence Force policy on maternal health care: What’s the problem represented to be

56 – The Battles of the Somme – Medical Aspects

57 – The Diagnostic Validity of Physical Symptoms in PTSD Screening in the Military

58 – The Effects of Environmental Toxins and Traumatic Stress on the Reproductive Health of Australian Defence Force Veterans

59 – The Evolution of Rehabilitation in DVA

59 – The Impact of Military Service on Families

60 – The Longitudinal ADF Study Evaluating Resilience (LASER-Resilience):Three Detailed Reports on Pre-Military Enlistment Trauma, Alcohol and Tobacco Consumption, and Social Support

61 – The Royal Australasian College of Military Medicine

61 – The Special Operations Rescue Medic (SORM): Meeting Integrated Medical Support Needs During Special Operations

62 – Towards a Three-Dimensional Motion Analysis System Based on Kinect V2 for Calculating in Vivo Knee Joint and Muscle Forces