2009 AMMA Conference Abstracts

In   Issue Volume 18 No. 1 .

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  1. Fiona Wood – A decade of disaster planning for burn injuries
  2. Stephanie Hodson and Alexander McFarlane – What are the mental health outcomes of deployment? Disagreement amongst our allies
  3. John Shephard, Kane Lavender and John Sanderson – A descriptive study of mental health morbidity in
    the RAP of a high readiness infantry battalion
  4. John Pead – Deployment stress, allostatic load and cascading family effects
  5. Cherie Nicholson – Post-deployment psychological screening: a review of mental health trends for 2008
  6. Peter Hurley – RNZAF medical branch – sink, swim or fly
  7. Janet Scott – Australian Defence Force Reserve Dental Officers – their capabilities & suggestions for their
  8. Michael Tyquin – Chemical Warfare – a retrospective: the Great War 1914-1918
  9. Adrian Smith – Anthropometric limitation for the Kiowa Helicopter
  10. Colleen Loos, Lisa Nielsen, Tegan Cosgrove, Susan Treloar, Christine McClintock, Michael Waller, Annabel
    McGuire – The Australian Deployment Health Surveillance Program: an evaluation of recruitment and data
    collection strategies
  11. Jonathan Bleier, Michael Waller, Annabel McGuire, Susan Treloar, Alexander McFarlane, Annette Dobson – The near north area of influence study group: comparison of health outcomes for personnel who had not been on a military deployment compared with those who had been to East Timor and the Middle East area of operations
  12. Annabel McGuire, Michael Walle, Jonathan Bleier, Catherine D’Este, Malcolm Sim, Susan Treloar, Annette
    Dobson – Analysis of self report symptoms reported by the Australian Defence Force in the near north area of
    influence health studies
  13. Susan Treloar, Annabel McGuire, Christine McClintock, Michael Waller, Jonathan Bleier, Lisa Nielsen, Colleen
    Loos, Peter Nasveld, Annette Dobson – The defence deployed East Timor health study: overview of findings
  14. Christine McClintock, Susan Treloar, Annabel McGuire, Michael Waller, Jonathan Bleier, Lisa Nielsen, Colleen
    Loos, Tegan Cosgrove, Peter Nasveld, Annette Dobson – The defence deployed Bougainville health study:
    overview of findings
  15. Jo-Anne Hem – The new army medical technician training continuum
  16. Michelle Wyatt – RCC/RPL policy for the Gap
  17. Bronlyn Jones, Peter Zimmerman – Military advanced resuscitation course/regimental medical officer introduction course
  18. Emma Garrett, Peter Zimmerman – A new way forward to improving the provision of mental health support.
  19. Andy Williams – ADF deployable healthcare – a vision for the future
  20. Michael Penman – Is health doctrine irrelevant?
  21. Merilyn White – Simulating times ahead – or are there?
  22. David Thomas – Joint project 2060 – can it still deliver?
  23. Brian Pezzutti, David Scott, Stuart Green, Marty Graves – Anaesthesia in remote and austere environments
  24. Stephanie Hodson – The reformation of mental health in the ADF
  25. Helen Benassi, Cherie Nicholson, Nicole Steele, Cate Wren – Post deployment psychological screening: a
    preliminary review of referrals, follow-up and screening instruments
  26. John Pead, Darryl Wade, Beth Keating, Karen Green, Michelle Dorney – Transition mental health and family collaborative (Townsville)
  27. Andrew Cohn, Monique Crane, Cate Wren, Stephanie Hodson – ADF resilience training: the evaluation of a new ADF resilience training initiative
  28. Lisa McLean – Early management of dental trauma – teeth are not dispensable
  29. Rupert Templeman – Tackling trauma: a civilian-military training collaboration in trauma medicine at the RAH
  30. Peter Peters – Otological injury and typanic membrane rupture due to improvised explosive devices
  31. David Bedford-Lee – Normothermic fluid administration to the trauma patient
  32. Robert Garrett – Inversion therapy for back pain. What causes spinal compression?
  33. Adrian Smith – Use of over-the-counter (OTC) medication and health supplement by Australian Defence Force
  34. Sam Hay – Popliteal nerve entrapment – an emerging cause of lower limb pain
  35. John Pead and Andrea Phelps – Improved mental health and treatment options for hard to engage veterans
  36. Christopher Barton, Alexander McFarlane, Susan Treloar, Christine McClintock, Peter Nasveld, Michel Devine,
    Annette Dobson – The application of consumer driven research methods to the development of research
    priorities for the Middle East area of operations health study
  37. Christopher Barton, Annabel McGuire, Michael Waller, Susan Treloar, Christine McClintock, Alexander
    McFarlene, Catherine D’Este – Smoking prevalence, it’s determinants and short term health implications in the Australian Defence Force
  38. Peter Peters and Chris Perry – Poison and drug absorption of the tympanic membrane: Mossad’s lesson from Shakespeare and a potential bioterrorism mechanism
  39. Rosemary Vandenberg – Ili outbreak on ex Talisman Saber
  40. Sam Hay – Lessons learnt: integrated AME in Southern Afghanistan
  41. James Ross – Preparing for trauma or disaster support as civilian organisation in a military environment
  42. André van Zundert – Videolaryngoscopy – the end of the classic laryngoscope
  43. Connie Jongeneel – Did you get what I said?, Experiences of Role 2E, Tarin Kowt, Afghanistan
  44. Toby Thomas – Clinical experience and lessons learnt AUSMTF 4
  45. Connie Jongeneel – Are we ready yet?, Force Prep of AUSMTF 4 for the Role 2E, Tarin Kowt
  46. Stanley Papastamatis – 3 HSB road from excellent centre for training to training centre of excellence