2007 AMMA Conference Abstracts

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  1. Ortho/soft tissue DCS, US Vs Aust training – Greg Bruce
  2. Trauma-damage control surgery: post-operative care – George Merridew
  3. Damage control head and neck surgery and the training of the military surgeon – Jeffrey Rosenfeld
  4. Clinical priorities of perioperative care supporting damage control – the chain of survival for battlefield trauma – Sandy Zalstein
  5. Psychological support to high risk groups: a review of the challenges faced in the middle east. – Neanne Bennett, Melissa Harries
  6. Temporal relationships between war deployment and subsequent psychological disorders – Dean McKenzie, Helen Kelsall, Andrew Forbes, Jillian Ikin, Malcolm Sim, Mark Creamer, Alexander McFarlane
  7. Model of deployment factors affecting mental health of deployed Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel – Cherie Nicholson
  8. Provision of commercial AME solutions into an operational environment – Glenn Keys
  9. Multi-trauma in Afghanistan, a pictorial essay – Anthony J Lourensen
  10. From ATH to EHF: developments in Royal Australian Air Force expeditionary health – Tracy Smart
  11. An “online period in the life” of an Air Force Health Squadron – Michele Walker
  12. Practical application of ethics submissions in Defence Health Research – Graeme Shirtley, Graeme R Cannell, John J Morrison, Rosemary Landy, Robert Starr
  13. Scientific review of research proposals to Australian Defence Human Research Ethics Committee (2005 – 2007) – Graeme R Cannell, John J Morrison, Graeme Shirtley, Cate D’Este, Rosemary Landy
  14. Ethical issues identified from the review of research proposals by the Australian Defence
    Human Research Ethics Committee (ADHREC) 2005 – 2007. – Graeme Shirtley, Graeme R Cannell, John J Morrison, Rosemary Landy
  15. Towards a framework for military health ethics: a CMVH think tank – Tracy Carthew, Gervase Pearce, Peter Saul
  16. Individual water purifiers for the warfigthter – William J. Bettin, Arthur H. Lundquist
  17. Development of a hot weather ration pack – Charina Kullen
  18. Bench testing Pneupac Ltd’s compPAC 200, a new field ventilator – George Merridew, FRACGP FANZCA FFPMANZCA, RAAFSR; Sarah Hedges MBBS; Kyril Belle BE
  19. Defence recruiting colour vision study – phase one – John Parkes, CSC, Peter Nasveld, Barry Cole AO, Ruth
    McLaughlin, Jenny Firman
  20. Cautionary tales in sports rehabilitation medicine – Tony Delaney
  21. The use of tourniquets in the Australian Defence Force – James Marcus McLean MBBS, Robert Atkinson MBBS, MA, DCH, FRACS FAOrtho, Luke Mooney MBBS, Susan Neuhaus PhD MBBS FRACS,
  22. Maxillofacial injuries – highlights and caveats – Darryl Tong
  23. Haemostatic and damage control resuscitation: addressing the coagulopathy of exsanguinating trauma – Sandy Zalstein
  24. Risk analysis and injury surveillance of the Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) trade – Renee Attwells, Alison Laing, Rodney Pope, Evelyn Graham, Dan Billing
  25. An international comparison of approaches to health surveillance in military populations – C McClintock, L Neilsen, C Barton, A McGuire, C Loos, S Treloar, A Dobson
  26. Communication technologies and response in deployment health studies – A McGuire, C McClintock, C Loos, L Nielsen, C D’Este, S Treloar, A Dobson
  27. The Annual Health Assessment (AHA): does it contribute to operational readiness? – John M. Shephard, Richard Mallett
  28. Mortality and deployment in a large cohort of Australian Defence Force personnel – Michael Waller, Catherine D’Este, Lisa Nielsen, Ruth McLaughlin, Christine McClintock, Annabel McGuire, Christopher Barton, Susan A Treloar, Alexander MacFarlane, Annette Dobson
  29. Dapsone exposure, mortality and cancer incidence amongst Australian Vietnam war veterans – Eileen J Wilson, Keith W Horsley, R van der Hoek
  30. High performance physiological training for the military aviation environment – Greg Hampson
  31. Human performance standards for selection and service in the incident response regiment – Troy Park
  32. CRM training for aeromedical personnel – Jeff Stephenson
  33. Caffeine maintains both physical and cognitive performance in night SUSOPS – David Voss, Gary Kamimori, Harris Leiberman, Tom McLellan, Sarah Smith
  34. Who psych’s the psych? challenges facing embedded psychological support teams in the Middle East area of operations – Neanne Bennett
  35. Mental health and retention of deployed Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel – Helen Wood
  36. You fear most what you do not understand: the need for mitigation strategies to deal with health related psychological threats in deployed environments. – Stephanie Hodson
  37. What to do when you run out of doctors and nurses? An update on strategies to meet future health workforce needs – Niki Ellis, Genevieve Liebich
  38. New Zealand Army Medics – competing to win – Peter Jacobs
  39. The deployment of ADF reservists: working towards best practice – Geoff Orme
  40. A practical view of retention of ADF health reserve personnel – Julie Webber, Jennifer Dillon, John J Morrison, Graeme R Cannell and Graeme Shirtley
  41. Six month observational study of the measures of salivary, plaque and lifestyle factors and their
    associations in a defence population – Nick Cusack, Greg Mahoney, Laurie Walsh
  42. Determination of sample size for research projects – Cate D’Este, Graeme R Cannell, John J Morrison, Graeme
  43. Lifetime fluoride exposure and dental caries experience with Australian Defence Force personnel – Greg Mahoney, Gary Slade, Scott Kitchener, Adrian Barnett
  44. Evaluation of methods for rapid cooling of heat induced injury, is intravenous normal saline an option? – Susan Winter, Steven Rudzki, Mark Patterson, Wade Sinclair
  45. Chronic low back pain in the defence forces; effective treatment, evidence based outcomes and research proposal – Anna Lewis
  46. ADF rehabilitation program – outcomes and experiences – Jim Porteous
  47. An ambulatory vision for Navy (Balmoral Naval Hospital) – Tammy Thomas, Narelle Holmes, Melanie Okane
  48. 12 months on… what’s changed – Anne Craig
  49. Occupational medicine: an essential component of military health services – Warren K Harrex, MSc(OccMed), BMedSc(Hons), MBBS, DObstRCOG, DAvMed, FAFOEM, FAFPHM
  50. A career in occupational medicine… or how to get your FAFOEM – Neil Westphalen
  51. Healthy weight management in ADF members: the Robertson Barracks experience – Cathy Ellingsen MBBS (QLD); FRACGP; DRANZCOG, Richard Sager
  52. The Australian Defence Force in the pandemic of 1918-19 – Keith Horsley, MB, BS MPub Admin
  53. A review of the recruiting standard concerning asthma – Mariko Koh, Louis Irving, Ruth McLaughlin, Sandra
    Anderson, Karen Donald, Jenny Firman, Peter Nasveld
  54. HPD 250 (surveillance of individuals for melanoma, DGDHS, 2002) – time for a rethink? – Scott Kitchener
  55. ‘Should Leishmaniasis be a concern for Australian Defence Force members on deployment in the
    Middle East and Afghanistan? – Clint Morton
  56. Managing occupational and non-occupational exposure to HIV – George Nisyrios MBBS MPH+TM MHSc (Sexual Health)MACTM FRACGP
  57. Norovirus outbreak in a visiting australian regular army unit: a case report – Dr Dale Thomas, MB BS (Qld), FRACGP, MRACMA and Lieutenant Commander RANR & Dr Alison Thomas, MB BS (Monash), DipAvMed (UK)
  58. Defence Health Service or Health Advice Agency: an alternative reality to the Stevens Review – Kerry Clifford
  59. Teledermatology: a force sustainment instrument for the deployed environment – Bob Curtis, Anthony Hopcraft
  60. Single service health care in a tri-service system: the (re)development of the Air Force health
    service – Tracy Smart
  61. Priorities for the Defence Health Services – Robyn Walker
  62. Modelling Defence Health Service continuing professional development – Nigel C Carlton, Margaret M Cherry
  63. Physical Employment Standards (PES) for the Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) trade – D. Billing, A. Laing, R. Attwells, D. Ham, M. Patterson, A. Fogarty, G. Moorby
  64. Provision of mental health first aid to the ADF – Annette Owttrim
  65. CO Satisfaction Surveys (COSS): the other survey management tool? – Neil Westphalen, Dave Parry