2011 AMMA Conference Abstracts

In   Issue Volume 20 No. 1 .

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  1. Annette Dobson, Keith Horsley, Carol Davy, Wu Yi Zheng, Michael Waller, Susan Treloar, Maria Abraham, Jeeva Kanesarajah, Derek Browne, Colleen Loos – Middle East Area Operations Health Study
  2. Dr Ian Norton – Training health personnel for disaster humanitarian responses; the power of immersion
  3. Neil Westphalen – The CANBERRA Class LHDs: a New Maritime Role 2 Enhanced Capability for the Australian Defence Force
  4. Daniel TJ Arthur, Masood M Khan – Toward Validation of TIRI as a Next Generation Deployable Health System
  5. Charles Blundell, Ian Norton – Real Time Handheld Electronic Tracking Device for Mass Casualty Incidents
  6. Glenn D Pascoe, GV Hampson, B Oppermann – Evaluation of Human Centrifuge Training for Fast Jet Aircrew
  7. Adrian Smith, Bhupinder Singh – Physiological equivalence of hypoxia produced by hypobaric, normobaric, and combined altitude/ depleted-oxygen (CADO) conditions
  8. Kylie Hall – Therapeutic Intraocular Gas. When is it safe to fly?
  9. MAJ Martin Graves, MAJ Anthony Chambers, SGT Nathan Grumley – The Continuum of Combat Casualty Care on the Modern Asymmetric Battlefield from Care Under Fire through to the Damage Control Resuscitation and Surgery of Tactical Abbreviated Surgical Control
  10. Prof Alexander McFarlane, Hodson S, Van Hooff M, Verhagen A, Steele N, Benassi H – An Epidemiological Study of Mental Health in Serving Australian Defence Force Personnel: The Mental Health Prevalence Study
  11. Dr Miranda Van Hoof, McFarlane A, Hodson S, Verhagen A, Steele N, Benassi H – The challenge of making accurate epidemiological estimates in Defence populations: The Mental Health Prevalence Study
  12. Stepanie Hodson, Verhagen A, McFarlane A, Van Hooff M, Steele N, Benassi H – The prevalence of mental health disorders in the Australian Defence Force; the healthy worker effect versus a risky employment environment: The Mental Health Prevalence Study
  13. Prof Alexander McFarlane, Steele N, Verhagen A, Van Hooff M, Hodson S, Benassi H – Combat exposure and non-military trauma as a cause of psychiatric disorder in the Australian Military: The Mental Health Prevalence Study
  14. Stephanie Hodson, Verhagen A, Steele N, Van Hooff M, McFarlane A, Benassi H – The implications of findings from the Mental Health Prevalence Study for service delivery within the ADF: The Mental Health Prevalence Study
  15. Tracy L Smart – Garrison health transformation in the ADF: sharpening the “blunt” end
  16. Ian Young – Defence medical specialist support to garrison and operational health in the permanent force: a
    new model?
  17. Glenn Mulhall – 6RAR’s Post War Scars
  18. John Parkes – Military Colour Vision Standards – Do We Need Them?
  19. Judith Symonds – Getting More Bang for your Buck from Australian Health Surveillance Programs: Recommendations from the Literature
  20. David Read – Training Hospital Based Surgeons to Operate in the Field
  21. Mark A Jaffrey, Toni Bushby – (AS) CASPEAN, the Australian Casualty and Protective Equipment Analysis Project: An Overview and Current Status Report
  22. Benjamin Manion, M Thompson – Back to the wall – A case of complicated back pain
  23. Warren Harrex – The incidence of chondromalacia patellae in the ADF
  24. Munjed Al Muderis – Endo Femoral Prostheses (EEFP) A new technique to improve the treatment of above knee amputees (AKA) quality of life
  25. Tony Delaney – Military Medical Indications for Foot Orthoses
  26. Jane Nursey, Clarke Chris, O’Connor J, Lloyd D, Phelps A – Wellbeing Toolbox – Development of a Cognitive-Behavioural Web Self-Help Program
  27. Helen Vidler – Research showing ‘vulnerability factors’ for depression can inform training aimed at reducing
    vulnerability and increasing resilience
  28. Wu Yi Zheng, Michael Waller, Jeeva Kanesarajah, Susan Treloar, Annabel McGuire, Annette Dobson – Stressful deployment experiences and childhood adversity as risk factors for post-traumatic stress, alcohol use and psychological distress after Australian Defence Force deployments
  29. Mark Slatyer, Clive Skilbeck, Jenny Langley – Clinical Examination in Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
    and its Association with Cognitive Outcomes
  30. Mary Langcake – The Relevance of Military Trauma Care to Civilian Practice
  31. Michael Tyquin – Problems in paradise: medical aspects of the New Zealand occupation of Western Samoa,
    1914 -1919
  32. Susan Neuhaus – Women Pioneers of Medical Corps: The stories of Major (Lady) MacKenzie and Major Makerras
  33. Dr Ian Norton – Clinical Humanitarian Medicine Lessons Learned from Pakistan Assist 2
  34. Michael Armitage – Understanding the military rehabilitation and compensation act 2004 and its influence on the rehabilitation philosophy of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and Defence
  35. Dr David Thompson – International Humanitarian Law / Law of Armed Conflict. Black, white or shades of grey? Why should this concern medical personnel?
  36. Michael Clements – Managing a Defence member suspected of malingering. A discussion of the legal and ethical issues for the frontline medical officer
  37. Brent Barker – Signing medical documents – what are the legal pitfalls?
  38. David McBride – The impulse noise hazard: detecting early noise induced hearing loss in the Military setting
  39. Adrian Smith – Using earplugs for noise protection – is Defence meeting its ‘duty of care’ to prevent noise-induced hearing loss?
  40. Dr Robert Forster-Lee – Predicting Maintenance Errors with Organisational Safety Climate and Fatigue Factors
  41. Adrian Smith – Silicone, earplugs and lubricant – AVMED’s advice to aircrew
  42. Prof. James Ryan – From the Falklands to Afghanistan and Beyond – What Have we learnt?
  43. David Morton, Carole Windley – ADF Mental Health Strategy – Overview of the last ten years and into the future
  44. Jennifer Harland – The ADF Alcohol Management Strategy
  45. Michelle McInnes – ADF Suicide Prevention Program
  46. Ms Karen Green, Dr Philip Siebler – Mental Health Service Delivery in Action – Progress, Partnerships and Priorities
  47. Eamon Raith, Dr. Claire Frauenfelder, A/Prof William Griggs – Damage Control Resuscitation of the Exsanguinating Trauma Patient: Pathophysiology and Basic Principles
  48. Andrew Whitworth – Combat First Aiders in Afghanistan – the MTF-1 experience
  49. Amanda Dines, Alison Thomas, David McMaugh, Cliff Pollard – Pilot Australian Defence Force Military Surgical Team at Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital
  50. Barry Reed – Maxillofacial trauma: lessons learned from the civilian frontline at John Hunter Hospital,
  51. Brent Barker, Smith A – Presenting at scientific conferences – who complies with the Defence policies?
  52. Dr James Ross – Experience with an Emergency Blood Donor Panel in the Solomon Islands
  53. Glenn Keys, Annette Owttrim – Preparing for Deployments – Developing Personal Resilience
  54. Susan Neuhaus – Developing a Framework for Veterans Health Care: South Australian perspective
  55. David Forbes, Delyth Lloyd, Vanessa van Buuren – Cognitive Processing Therapy for Combat-Related
    Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A community based randomized controlled trial
  56. Dr Samantha Crompvoets – The health and wellbeing of female veterans
  57. Kylie Hall – Can I Go Bungee Jumping, Doc?
  58. Peter Hurly – Airfield Medical Response RNZAF Perspective
  59. Michael Clements – Aircrew fatigue in deployed operations. A literature review of the issues and challenges
    faced in managing fatigue while engaged in war-like operations
  60. Peter Siminski, Simon Ville – Long-Run Mortality Effects of Vietnam-Era Army Service: Evidence from Australia’s Conscription Lotteries
  61. H Kelsall, J Ikin, A Forbes, D McKenzie, A McFarlane, M Creamer, D Clarke, K Horsley, M Sim – Follow-up study of physical, psychological, social health and wellbeing in Australian Gulf War veterans
  62. Renee Anderson, Peter Nasveld – Allostatic load: another way of understanding stress and its consequences
  63. Kristi Heffernan, Alison Kaine, Nicole Sadler – Key Operational Mental Health Themes from the Middle East Area of Operations
  64. Bruce Waxman, Andrew Ellis – An integrated ADF/EMST course: a qualitative evaluation and comparison with similar pre-deployment courses
  65. Michael Lumsden-Steel – Pharmacology knowledge and training of RAAF Medical Officers- is an infusion required?
  66. Mark Rowsell – Shock trauma platoon – what capability does it provide and what are the training requirements?
  67. Adrian Smith, Vishnu Jaganathan, Joanne Marshall, Jessica Gehlert – Aeromedical disposition of Aircrew Medical Employment Classification Reviews, 2000-2009
  68. Brent Barker, Smith A – A military transport pilot with poorly-controlled epilepsy – how the 1% Rule could allow them to keep flying
  69. Dr. Daniel Van Syoc – US Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine and the Aeromedical Consultation Service
  70. Tony Delaney – Essential Military Musculoskeletal Medicine – A One Day module
  71. Stephen Rudzki – Chronic Pain and Pain Complex – Illustrative Cases
  72. Jim Porteous – Enhancing and enriching the ADF rehabilitation program
  73. Ross Mills – Vocational Rehabilitation
  74. Jason Brown – Physician Assistant’s within the ADF
  75. Esmaeil Alibakhshi (Iran), Vahid Sobhani, Neda Bayat – The effect of a Period 4 week Treatment Exercise
    Protocol on Low back pain in Military Forces.
  76. Clark Flint – 17 Combat Service Support Brigade – Home to the New Deployable Army Health System
  77. LTCOL Nicole Sadler, MAJ Kristi Heffernan – Critical Incident Mental Health Support responses on ADF operations: Key challenges and lessons learnt
  78. Esmaeil Alibakhshi, Neda Bayat – A comparative two programs of Massage Therapy and Physical Therapy on treatment of chronic knee pain army forces and present a treatment protocol
  79. Tony Delaney – Cautionary Tales from the Sports Medicine Clinics
  80. Daniel TJ Arthur, Masood M Khan – Infrared Interrogation of Osseous Stress Pathophysiology in Australian Army Recruits: a three month clinical case study
  81. Alison Fogarty, Andrew Hunt, Daniel Billing, Mark Patterson – Comparison of Body Core Temperature during a 5 km march with the Military Work Table Guidelines
  82. Matt Brearley, Ian Norton, Terry Trewin – Cooling Methods for Emergency Responders in Tropical Conditions
  83. Virginia Lewis, Lisa Gardner, Simon Graham – Veteran Rehabilitation: From Research to Practice
  84. George Beck (US) – Closed Loop Automatic Systems for Management of the Injured
  85. Bronte Douglas – The Intelligent Tasking Project 2010 – Aero evacuation coordination in Southern Afghanistan