Volume 27 Number 3

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The Battle of the River Plate: Excerpts from the Diary of Surgeon Commander Jack Cussen RN, PMO of HMS EXETER

Reprinted from the Journal of the Royal Naval Medical Service Commentary HMS EXETER, the second of two York Class heavy cruisers, was launched in 1929. She had a displacement of 8,400 tons, a complement of 628 and main armament of three twin 8-inch guns in addition to AA guns and torpedoes. At the outbreak of… Read more »

By S G Bennett In   Issue Volume 27 Number 3 .

Does Current Policy Support Reproductive Health of Australian Defence Force Veterans? A Review of Australian Defence Force Policy

Introduction Reproductive health is of central importance to the structure of people’s lives and is fundamental to human identity. Increasingly, the importance of reproductive health is recognised at individual, societal and global levels. The issues encompassed are different for males and females and change dramatically over a person’s lifetime1. Infertility affects approximately 1 in 6… Read more »

By R Warner , S. Neuhaus , J Avery and M Davies In   Issue Volume 27 Number 3 .

Case Report of a Former Soldier Using TRE (Tension/Trauma Releasing Exercises) For PostTraumatic Stress Disorder Self-Care

Abstract This report outlines the use of tension/trauma releasing exercises (TRE) for invoking the body’s innate tremor mechanism in an Australian former soldier who experienced post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following acquired brain injury after a major motor vehicle accident (MVA) in 2009. Compared to pre-intervention, improvements in physical and emotional wellbeing immediately following the intervention… Read more »

By R Heath and J Beattie In   Issue Volume 27 Number 3 .

Public Perception of Dentists’ Ability to Manage a Medical Emergency

Introduction The importance of dentists to be able to manage a medical emergency in dental practice has been an established concept for many years, with medical emergency training being incorporated into dental undergraduate training programs as far as back as 19811. However, for far longer than this, dentists have held a professional role in the… Read more »

By M Vaughan , G Mahoney , A Sholapurkar and A Esterman In   Issue Volume 27 Number 3 .

Neurofeedback Training and Physical Training Differentially Impacted on Reaction Time and Balance Skills Among Iranian Veterans with Spinal Cord Injury

Abstract Background: Spinal cord injuries (SCIs) demand particular attention; people with SCI report reduced quality of life and impairments in everyday life. We tested whether and to what extent neurofeedback or a physical activity training could, compared to a control condition, improve reaction time and balance as proxies for fine motor control in a sample… Read more »

By E Norouzi and M Vaezmousavi In   Issue Volume 27 Number 3 .


D-Day and Binh Ba – 6 June Just over 75 years ago, 7,000 vessels carried 190,000 sailors and 130,000 soldiers across the English Channel to five designated beaches – Utah and Omaha on the American side, Gold and Sword for the British, and Juno for the Canadians. Some 7,000 aircraft took part, including transport planes,… Read more »

By Andrew Robertson In   Issue Volume 27 Number 3 .