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Health characteristics and self-identified health promotion needs of Army personnel in Perth Western Australia

Introduction Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel require high levels of health and fitness to cope with the inherently stressful situations that occur as part of military life. However, several health and lifestyle issues among ADF personnel have been identified relating to mental health and alcohol use1, tobacco smoking in deployed personnel2 and increased body mass index (BMI).3 Mental disorders among service personnel have… Read more »

By S.Batt , P. Geerlings and C. Fetherston In   Issue Volume 24 No.2 .

Effects of Penthrox® (methoxyflurane) as an analgesic on cardiovascular and respiratory functions in the pre-hospital setting

Methoxyflurane (Penthrox®) was initially introduced as an analgesic into Australian ambulance services in 1974. The last 40 years have seen it become extensively used in all government and nongovernment emergency ambulance services as well as private ambulance providers and patient transport sectors. Its short onset of action and effective analgesic properties makes the drug an important pain relief option in pre-hospital management. Additionally, methoxyflurane… Read more »

By H F Oxer In   Issue Volume 24 No.2 .

Aligning Defence Environmental and Occupational Health (EOH) Capability with Future Requirements: The 4th Australian Defence Force EOH Conference

Introduction Eleven years ago, the Australian Defence Force (ADF) held the third Environmental and Occupational Health (EOH) Conference. Much has changed within the Pacific region and the world since that time. In recent years, ADF EOH personnel have supported numerous missions across the spectrum of operations. These missions included humanitarian assistance such as Exercise Pacific Partnership, disaster relief during Operation Philippines Assist, conflict support… Read more »

By Derek Licina , A Brittain , A. Tout , T. Strickland and D. Taplin In   Issue Volume 24 No.2 .