Volume 16 No. 3

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Toxicology Handbook

*1st edn, xi + 468 pp, paperback with illustrations, ISBN 13: 978-0-7295-3789-6. Sydney, Churchill Livingstone (Imprint of Elsevier), RRP: $69.95, 2007.   The Hazardous Substance Data Bank of the National Library of Medicine in the United States contains information on more than 5000 hazardous chemicals.1 In 2004, there were over 700 deaths due to accidental… Read more »

By Mike Cadogan , Mark Little , Frank Daly and Lindsay Murray In   Issue Volume 16 No. 3 .

Manual of Envenomation and Poisoning: Australian Fauna and Flora

*1st edn, 3 vols (1. Venomous Terrestrial Australian Animals; 2. Venomous and Poisonous Australian Marine and Aquatic Animals; 3. Poisonous Australian Plants and Fungi), with illustrations, Canberra, Defence Publishing Service (hardcover) There are occasions when you are given a truly remarkable book. Such a book (or series of three books) is the Manual of Envenomation… Read more »

By Geoff Newman-Martin In   Issue Volume 16 No. 3 .

Commanding Officer Health Satisfaction Survey – finding out what is working and what needs doing better

Introduction The opportunity to gain feedback from customers is an important facet of improving the delivery of health services. In the Defence Health Service this is primarily achieved through Customer Satisfaction Surveys per Health Directive 920. However this is focused on patients and misses the other customer base: the Commanding Officer (CO). This shortfall was… Read more »

By David Parry and Neil Westphalen In   Issue Volume 16 No. 3 .

CRM training for ADF aeromedical staff

Introduction The origins of Crew Resource Management (CRM) are usually traced back to a workshop sponsored by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in 19791.Over time the key concepts in CRM have evolved via a series of generations.The lessons learnt from each generation were incorporated into CRM.There have been six distinct generations of CRM… Read more »

By Jeffrey Stephenson In   Issue Volume 16 No. 3 .

The rise and fall of Japanese Encephalitis vaccination in the ADF – Where to now?

Abstract The currently licenced Japanese encephalitis (JE) vaccine in Australia is now out of production. A live attenuated vaccine (SA14-14-2) currently used in Asia is not being licenced in Australia. Two new vaccines are in development in Australia, though not yet licensed. Researchers in the ADF have participated in both development programs. A program of… Read more »

By Scott Kitchener In   Issue Volume 16 No. 3 .

Defence Health Service or Health Advice Agency – An alternative reality to the Steven’s Review

Abstract In 2003 MAJGEN Paul Stevens AO (Retd), assisted by GPCAPT Helen Doherty, commenced a review of the ADF Health Service on behalf of HDPE. He tabled his recommendations, colloquially referred to as “The Stevens Review”, in 2004. The purpose of the Review was to:“evaluate whether the Defence Health Service will be able to meet… Read more »

By Kerry Clifford In   Issue Volume 16 No. 3 .


Over the last year, the former Australian Minister for Defence, Dr Brendan Nelson, has announced that there will be a relaxation on certain age requirements and physical health standards for individuals entering the Australian Defence Force.  His announcement was greeted with some derision, and the suggestion that the ADF was being turned into “Dad’s army”…. Read more »

By Dr Keith Horsley In   Issue Volume 16 No. 3 .

Inside this Edition

This issue of the Journal of Military and Veterans’ Health contains four papers covering a wide spectrum of contemporary and important topics. Kerry Clifford in his article on the structure of the Defence Health Services (DHS) revisits the thorny issue of command and control and considers whether there are alternative models for that which may… Read more »

In   Issue Volume 16 No. 3 .

President’s Message

As we head towards Anzac Day 2008, there are, as always, many things that we can contemplate that impact on military and veterans’ health matters; things in the past, contemporary and for the future. The news over the last month or so has been filled with the discovery of the wrecks of HMAS Sydney and… Read more »

In   Issue Volume 16 No. 3 .