Volume 23 No. 3

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On Working with Veterans: What Social Work and Nursing Students Need to Know

Abstract Background: Specialised care for veterans and military families is needed to respond to the unique health problems they experience. However, specific components of such training have yet to be examined. Purpose: This investigation aimed to gather feedback from social work and nursing students on their experiences in a veteran-specific clinical placement to determine content… Read more »

By Braden K. Linn , Lisa D. Butler , Susan A. Bruce , Katie McClain-Meeder and Mary Ann Meeker In   Issue Volume 23 No. 3 .

An ANZAC Surgeon’s Kit

ABSTRACT In the Gallipoli Campaign of 1915, doctor-soldiers, stretcher-bearers and medical corpsmen of both the Allied and the Turkish armies scrupulously followed both the letter and the spirit of the Geneva Conventions.  In spite of their non-combatant roles within the imposts of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, under whose emblems they serviced, medical… Read more »

By John Pearn , Ömer Arıkan and Edward Street In   Issue Volume 23 No. 3 .

PROJECT CEREBRO: An Evaluation of Blast Gauges in the Australian Defence Force

  BACKGROUND Blast-related Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) has been a frequent and prominent wound in recent conflicts. Helmet sensors or blast gauges have been proposed to monitor blast effects in troops exposed to Improvised Explosive Devices (IED).   PURPOSE The findings of a trial of blast gauges in Australian troops deployed in Afghanistan are described…. Read more »

By MAJ Steven Bennett MMS , Gary Fintelman , Michelle Patchell , Annette Webb , MAJ Brenton Wynen , LTCOL Jacqueline Costello and Duncan Wallace In   Issue Volume 23 No. 3 .

Excerpt from HMAS Sydney I Medical Officer’s Log During Action with S.M.S Emden 09 November 1914 – Action with S.M.S Emden off Cocos Island – 9th November 1914

11-19 November 1914 (Excerpt 3) After a short spell, Dr. Ollerhead, Surgeon Todd, and myself, with the assistance of 3 volunteers, got the theatre cleaned up with lotions, dressings, and instruments ready, and recommenced operations. The patient was a German with a shattered right leg, which was fractured and mutilated in the middle third. The… Read more »

By Surgeon Leonard Darby In   Issue Volume 23 No. 3 .