Volume 21 No. 3

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A Woman At War: The Life And Times Of Dr Phoebe Chapple MM (1879-1967), An Australian Doctor On The Western Front

Introduction •    Dr Phoebe Chapple was one of 15 Australian women doctors who undertook overseas military service during World War I. •    She was the first Australian, and the only female doctor, to receive the Military Medal – awarded for gallantry in the field. •    Despite multiple foreign awards, the military service of these women… Read more »

By Susan J Neuhaus and Sharon Mascall-­Dare In   Issue Volume 21 No. 3 .

Will the introduction of the National Broadband Network change the face of preventive medicine?

Introduction Aging of the Australian population will increase the demand and provision of health services. Older Australians are significant users of healthcare, which is in disproportion to their number .1 A large proportion of health utilisation is devoted to managing chronic diseases,2 many of which  are to a certain degree preventable. Some of the diseases… Read more »

By Eva Pietrzak , Stephen Pullman , Cristina Cotea , Peter Nasveld and Prof Peter Warfe In   Issue Volume 21 No. 3 .

Intrinsic and External Factors and Influences on the Motivation of Suicide Attackers

INTRODUCTION AND DEFINITIONS Suicide terrorism is the most extreme example of asymmetrical warfare.  It is dramatic, frightening and can be very effective for the terrorist group which employs it.  The psychological effects are out of proportion to the damage caused.  The individual attackers have a mixture of motivations and the combination of motivators varies between… Read more »

By Gregor Bruce In   Issue Volume 21 No. 3 .

Nurse Practitioner Led Health Facility (Role 1) on Exercise Precision Support, 2011: A nurse practitioners observational report

Introduction: Late in 2011, the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) deployed a Role One enhanced health facility in support of Exercise Precision Support. The Role One health facility was deployed to the Shoalwater Bay military training area and tasked with providing 24 hour care during the pre-deployment exercise for Australian forces headed to operations overseas…. Read more »

By Danny O'Neill and Matt Luther In   Issue Volume 21 No. 3 .

Defence Medical Officer Attitude Survey: The Medical Employment Classification Review (MECR) system

Introduction The key functions of military health services[1] include assessing military suitability for military service.  This information is used by personnel managers, commanders and supervisors to minimise the impact of: medical condition(s) of members which affect  their ability to undertake normal workplace duties, and the opposite, , i.e. normal workplace duties affecting  their medical condition(s)…. Read more »

By Neil Westphalen In   Issue Volume 21 No. 3 .

What men know about the symptoms and treatment of prostate cancer: a study comparing ADF and civilian men

Abstract: Background In 2010, prostate cancer was found to be the fourth leading cause of death in Australia.  Studies indicated that Vietnam veterans reported up to twice the incidence of prostate cancer compared to the general population. Purpose To compare ADF men with civilian men regarding their awareness and knowledge of (1) symptoms, (2) screening… Read more »

By Rosemary Sanderson , Sanjiva S Wijesinha and Kay M Jones In   Issue Volume 21 No. 3 .

President’s Message

Welcome to the latest edition of the Journal of Military and Veterans’ Health. This edition has a wide variety of topics from the prostate to suicide, and they not only relate to medical officers but nurse practitioners and those in preventive health.  I would also like to take this opportunity to thanks members and the… Read more »

By Greg Mahoney In   Issue Volume 21 No. 3 .

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Sixty-eight years ago, on 15 August 1945, hostilities with Japan officially ended at 12 noon. When His Royal Highness Duke of Gloucester made the announcement in Canberra, three flags were flown. They were the flag raised by Australian troops at Villiers Bretonneux in the First World War, the flag worn by HMAS SYDNEY when she… Read more »

By Andrew Robertson In   Issue Volume 21 No. 3 .