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By Andrew Robertson In   Issue Volume 20 No. 4 .

On the 21 July 1919, the RMO of 30th Battalion AIF, Captain Gordon Robertson demobilised after returning to Australia on the Leicestershire on 21 June 1919. Post demobilisation, he took up a station near Tumblong, New South Wales, where he built his new home. He set up a medical practice in nearby Gundagai, becoming a well-respected General Practitioner in the local community. In 1933, he moved back to Melbourne, where he took up a role as a doctor in the Victorian Division of the Department of Repatriation, where he worked until he retired.

As Dr Gordon Robertson focussed on the ongoing health issues of returned veterans of World War I later in his career, this issue looks particularly at issues affecting the veterans of the many wars and conflicts since. In particular, we look at the Vietnam Veterans and their ongoing health issues as they enter their retirement years. We are also fortunate to have a range of abstracts on veterans’ health from the recently held Repatriation Foundation Research Paper Day in South Australia.

In this issue, we also look at psychological resilience in the Australian Defence Force, the use of animals in military training and research, the benefits of exercise on trunk strength and lower limb stability, and the history of syphilis and its origins.  All the articles are intended to challenge, educate and broaden the operational and strategic viewpoint of our members. We would particularly welcome continuing discussion on the issues of current military operations, current military and veterans health issues, military health history and military-civil interactions.

In October 2012, we had an excellent annual AMMA Conference in Brisbane. We would strongly encourage all the presenters to consider turning their presentations into articles for the Journal, which will ensure the wider consideration and coverage that they deserve. As we head towards 2013, we have further themed issues, including an issue on Chemical, Biological and Radiological Defence, and ask prospective authors to consider whether they may have suitable articles for those themed issues. Other military and veterans’ health articles are always very welcome and we would encourage all our readers to consider writing on their areas of military or veterans’ health interest.

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