Volume 21 No. 1

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2012 AMMA Conference Abstracts

Download Full Abstracts Here  Adrian Smith, Sonu Qurashi – Motion sickness desensitisation: a review of ADF experience of ‘success’ CMDR Anthony Holley, Mr Nick Mckeough RN, LTCOL Michael Reade – Transfusion practice in critical care burns patients – lessons for the military Mr Geoffrey Crowley, Dr Mark Creaby, Ms Sharne Neill, Prof Julie Hides, Dr Melinda Smith – Lumbar multifidus muscle size… Read more »

In   Issue Volume 21 No. 1 .

Effects of deployment on health behaviours in military forces: A review of longitudinal studies

Abstract Background:  Earlier studies indicating that operational deployment affects health behaviours among military personnel and veterans generally lacked final conclusiveness due to cross-sectional or retrospective design. Aim:  The aim of this study is to review longitudinal studies investigating whether military service, in particular operational deployment, affects health behaviours, specifically alcohol misuse, smoking, eating disorders and… Read more »

By Eva Pietrzak , Stephen Pullman , Cristina Cotea and Peter Nasveld In   Issue Volume 21 No. 1 .

Recent developments in firearms noise and hearing conservation: hearing protection fit testing,noise measurement and hearing surveillance

Abstract Background Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) continues to be a prevalent problem in Military Service. Purpose To assess the ‘SureFire’ earplug, a Hearing Protective Device (HPD), within the context of a hearing conservation programme. Methods The ‘VeriPro’ system was used to test the HPD attenuation, with Otoacoustic emission (OAE) ‘base-line’ hearing tests. Noise exposure… Read more »

By David McBride , Marian Baxter , Dion Fletcher and Karoline Lalahi In   Issue Volume 21 No. 1 .

Lessons Learnt – The Role of a Defence Liaison Officer for Data Collection of Australian Defence Force Personnel

Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel are part of a highly organised, large and disciplined force. As such you would expect that asking its members to participate in research should be a very smooth and straight forward process. Yet, the recruitment and data collection process for the Military Health Outcomes Program (MilHOP) studies illustrated that a… Read more »

By Stephen Pullman In   Issue Volume 21 No. 1 .