Volume 20 No. 3

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Cold Weather Injury Risk Analysis and Management in a Tasmanian Army Reserve Battalion

  Abstract Cold Weather Injury (CWI) is a significant threat to military capability in Tasmania. In 2011, the Royal Tasmanian Regiment implemented a cold weather training policy and training package to formalise risk management and preserve military capability in training and operations. This article summarises relevant literature pertaining to military CWI and outlines an approach… Read more »

By Adam Mahoney In   Issue Volume 20 No. 3 .

Effects of deployment on mental health in modern military forces: A review of longitudinal studies

Abstract Background. Earlier studies presenting evidence that operational deployment negatively affects mental health outcomes among military personnel and veterans generally have lacked conclusiveness, largely because of cross-sectional or retrospective design. Purpose. To review longitudinal studies investigating mental health outcomes of military personnel deployed in recent conflicts. Methods. MEDLINE database was searched using relevant keywords and… Read more »

By Peter Nasveld , Cristina Cotea , Stephen Pullman and Eva Pietrzak In   Issue Volume 20 No. 3 .

President’s Message

Welcome to the latest edition of the Journal of Military and Veterans’ Health and to exciting times for the Journal as the editorial board seeks to improved the publication with an increased number of papers being submitted and increased sponsorship. We are looking forward to the future possibilities for the journal and the benefits to… Read more »

By Greg Mahoney In   Issue Volume 20 No. 3 .