Volume 2 No. 2

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Hepatitis B vaccination in the Royal Australian Navy

Surgeon Lieutenant-Commander A.G Robertson RAN The Naval Health Services are responsible for the health care of all RAN personnel. The Naval Health Services1 mandate includes the provision of preventive as well as curative health services with a primary aim of ensuring that a high percentage of Naval personnel are fit for operational duties, especially for… Read more »

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Sue Sharpe Tularaemia is caused by the intracellular pathogen Francisella tularensis, a small, pleomorphic, aerobic, Gram negative coccobacillus which requires a complex cysteine-containing growth medium for laboratory cultures. Capsules may form in tissues. The pathogen is not highly heat resistant but will survive freezing and drying. It survives well in the environment – especially in… Read more »

In   Issue Volume 2 No. 2 .

Would That White Coat Were Purple

Wing Commander Tony Austin RAAF A traditional Chinese curse goes something like this: ‘May you live in interesting times’. If it be so, then we are all most certainly cursed for those are indeed very interesting times. Economic reality has hit the military hard the buzz word for the 90’s is ‘downsizing’ and the military… Read more »

In   Issue Volume 2 No. 2 .