Volume 19 No. 2

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General Practice: The Integrative Approach

General Practice: The Integrative Approach is a contemporary colossus of Australian textbooks of general practice. For GPs wanting a wide-ranging general practice reference, then the first edition of the General Practice: The Integrative Approach is one of the most current of the major textbooks and one which is highly relevant to general practice in Australia…. Read more »

By Peter Leggat In   Issue Volume 19 No. 2 .

Sometimes you hear the bullet

A Leavy Reprinted from: Aust Mil Med 1998; 7(1): 21-23 The comedy/drama MASH, which concerned thelives of Ameriean army medical staff stationed just behind the front lines in the Korean War, was one of the most successful television programs of the 1970’s. During it’s eleven year history it presented an enormous range of issues from the essentials of… Read more »

In   Issue Volume 19 No. 2 .

Endurance, Courage and Care: The Kokoda Campaign of Captain Alan Watson and the 2/4th Field Ambulance

Many of the modern principles of combat health support were displayed in the critical 1942 Kokoda campaign of the 2/4th Field Ambulance. The photographic collection and war diary of a member of this Field Ambulance, Captain Alan Watson, Dental Officer, AAMC, provides a unique illustrated view of the essential and difficult work of the 2/4th… Read more »

By Barry Reed In   Issue Volume 19 No. 2 .

The health and wellbeing of female veterans: A review of the literature

This paper examines health and wellbeing issues  that emerged in a systematic review of  the war, peacekeeping and peacemaking experiences of female veterans. Research questions that informed the search were: firstly,  what is known about the experiences of female veterans, and in particular, military nurses;    and secondly, what  influences the perceptions of a veteran  of… Read more »

By Samantha Crompvoets In   Issue Volume 19 No. 2 .

The face of war: The initial management of modern battlefield ballistic facial injuries

Abstract There is an increased incidence of maxillofacial trauma in conflicts of the 21st century in comparison to those of the 20th century. This is attributed to the asymmetrical nature of modern war with the increased use of improvised explosive devices and improved thoraco-abdominal protection provided by current body armour. This paper aims to briefly… Read more »

By A Breeze and A J Gibbons In   Issue Volume 19 No. 2 .

The management of maxillofacial trauma during the Korean War – A coming of age of a specialty

The Korean War remains “the forgotten war” despite being the proving ground for such innovations as helicopter casualty evacuation and the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MASH), both of which would see much development and action in the Vietnam War. The Korean War was also a turning point in the recognition of dentally qualified face and… Read more »

By Robert Love , Tom H Brooking and Darryl Tong In   Issue Volume 19 No. 2 .

Health-related characteristics and dietary intakes of male veterans and non-veterans in the Multiethnic Cohort Study (US)

Abstract Background: Nationwide surveys in the United States found that certain health-related factors, in particular cigarette smoking and obesity, were more prevalent in veterans than in non-veterans. Purpose: The objective of this paper was to compare health-related characteristics and dietary intakes between veterans and non-veterans in the Multiethnic Cohort. Materials and Methods: The cohort participants… Read more »

By Laurence N Kolonel , John F Potter , Kangmin Zhu and Song Yi Park In   Issue Volume 19 No. 2 .