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Billy Bacon couldn’t outrun the German machine gun bullets, although his actions saved the lives of two of his fellow diggers. I have just returned from seeing ‘Beneath Hill 60’, which details the story of the 1st Australian Tunnelling Division and the mining of the Messine Ridge in Belgium in 1916. This excellent Australian movie captures some of the feel of… Read more »

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A holistic view of post-traumatic stress disorder

Introduction Post–Traumatic Stress symptoms account for an increasing number of presentations to health service facilities by Australian Defence Force personnel . The cost of management is absorbing a significant proportion of the Defence health budget, much of it expended on external health care providers. The recent disproportionate increase in mental disabilities, such as Post -Traumatic… Read more »

By Douglas McKenzie In   Issue Volume 18 No. 2 .

Essential Public Health: Theory and Practice

Edited by Stephen Gillan, Jan Yates and Padmanabhan Badrinath *1st edn. xiii +335 pp, paperback with illustrations and CD,  ISBN 978-0-521-68983-0. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, RRP AUD97.00, 2007 Public health has done more than any other discipline to address global health issues and improve the standard of living and life expectancy, especially during the past… Read more »

By Peter Leggat In   Issue Volume 18 No. 2 .

Therapeutic Guidelines: Psychotropic

Psychotropic Expert Group. *Version 6. xxv+325pp, paperback, ISBN 978-0-9804764-2-2. Melbourne, Therapeutic Guidelines Limited, AUD39.00, 2008. Apart from major textbooks, there have been few handbooks published specifically on psychotropic guidelines. This sixth version of Therapeutic Guidelines: Psychotropic, part of a collection of 14 in the series of the popular and respected Therapeutic Guidelines series in Australia,… Read more »

By Peter Leggat In   Issue Volume 18 No. 2 .

Cases in Pre-hospital and Retrieval Medicine

Daniel Ellis and Matthew Hooper *1st edition 2010, 286 pages, paperback with illustrations, ISBN 978-0-7295-3848-8. Churchill Livingstone, Elsevier.Australia. RRP AUD70.00. Pre-hospital and retrieval medicine is an essential component of the Emergency Medical System, critically so in Australia where geographical isolation often restricts patient access to specialised medical care. Retrieval medicine provides not only transport but… Read more »

By Peter Leggat In   Issue Volume 18 No. 2 .

Load carriage: minimising soldier injuries through physical conditioning – a narrative review

Abstract Background  With soldiers carrying increasing loads, physical conditioning may provide one means of reducing injuries and increasing the ability to train, maintain and retain soldiers. Purpose  The purpose of this study is to review the current literature on physical conditioning for load carriage and present the findings in a manner that will allow physical… Read more »

By Julia Coyle , Rodney Pope and Robin M Orr In   Issue Volume 18 No. 2 .

Air travel and pregnancy – with reference to obstetric and perinatal aeromedical retrieval

There are a number of well accepted risks for the air traveller1,2,3,4. Although the risks are generally low for the healthy traveller, there are subgroups in the population that are at higher risk for developing complications as a result of the flight environment.  Amongst these groups are the pregnant traveller and the neonate.  Air travel… Read more »

By Jeffrey Stephenson In   Issue Volume 18 No. 2 .

Relationship between soldiers’ service performance and physical training volume

Abstract Background: To be able to improve soldiers’ service performance it is essential to know what factors are an influence upon it. Purpose: To examine the relationship between soldiers’ service performance and physical training volume during an international peacekeeping mission. Materials and Methods: Seventy-one male Norwegian infantry soldiers who had joined a 12-month mission in… Read more »

By AM Pensgaard , DG Barlaug and SM Dyrstad In   Issue Volume 18 No. 2 .

review of routine vaccinations in the Special Operations Working Accommodation, Holsworthy, Sydney, NSW

Abstract Background: The Tobruk Lines Health Centre (TLHC) is the primary health care facility for the Special Operations Working Accommodation (SOWA) at Holsworthy Barracks, Sydney. TLHC has responsibility for maintaining routine vaccination currency of members, a component of operational readiness. Purpose: This study aims to utilise an electronic database to audit vaccination currency at SOWA… Read more »

By Nevin Colgrave In   Issue Volume 18 No. 2 .