Volume 21 No. 4

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AMMA/Repat Foundation Inc. Joint Conference Abstracts

Download Full Abstracts Here  Tim Hodgetts – The combat casualty care revolution Kym Connolly, Jacqui Derriman, Liam Connor – Using mobile technology to improve patient compliance and manage Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms: PTSD Coach Australia Monique Crane, Virginia Lewis, David Forbes, Andrew Cohn, Helen Benassi, Russell Reid – The Longitudinal ADF Study Evaluating Resilience Breanna Wright, Andrew Forbes, Helen… Read more »

In   Issue Volume 21 No. 4 .

An evaluation of high fidelity simulation using a human patient simulator in a new Diploma in Military Medical Care

Abstract Introduction The use of simulation in healthcare education has been extensively embraced   over the past 20 years. It enables deliberate practice, and it allows immersion in learning tasks. It enables tasks to be structured in staged learning chunks, and provides a controlled environment in which it is safe to learn from errors. Objectives To… Read more »

By David Power , Patrick Henn , David Hick and John McAdoo In   Issue Volume 21 No. 4 .

President’s Message

Welcome to the latest edition of JMVH in which we showcase the talents of our conference authors, publishing their abstracts from the 2013 AMMA /Repat Foundation Joint Conference. Thank you to all the speakers for their contribution to a very successful program.  In particular our Keynote Speakers COL Timothy Hodgetts (UK), Dr Brendan Nelson, MAJGEN John… Read more »

By Greg Mahoney In   Issue Volume 21 No. 4 .

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During the recent Australasian Military Medicine Association (AMMA) conference in Adelaide in early November, I was fortunate to stumble upon a nearby antiquarian bookshop, where I found a copy of Surgeon Rear-Admiral T.T. Jeans “Reminiscences of a Naval Surgeon”, where he details his career as a naval medical officer and surgeon between 1895 and 1925…. Read more »

By Andrew Robertson In   Issue Volume 21 No. 4 .