Volume 17 No. 1

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Java Rabble

Fred Skeeles Victoria Park: Hesperian Press; 2008 (ISBN 978-0-85905-419-5: 151 pages) In September 2000, I reviewed ‘Proud Echo’ by Ronald McKie for Australian Military Medicine1. ‘Proud Echo’ narrated the history of the Battle of Sunda Straits, and of the events that followed, from the accounts of individual sailors. On the night of 28 February –… Read more »

By Andrew Robertson In   Issue Volume 17 No. 1 .

Applying the RAAKERS™ framework in an analysis of the command and control arrangements of the ADF Garrison Health Support

Australian Defence Force Garrison Health Support operate in a complex relationship between a geography-based National Support Area (NSA) health care model, in which most of the medical resources and staff are owned by the single services; deployable capabilities, also owned by the Single services; and a National health care system that provides primary, secondary and… Read more »

By GA Durant-Law and SM Burnett In   Issue Volume 17 No. 1 .

Plastic Kiwis – New Zealanders and the development of a specialty

Abstract Background The First World War saw the evolution and development of three great surgical specialties: orthopaedic surgery, thoracic surgery and plastic/maxillofacial surgery. This last specialty came of age during the carnage of some of the bloodiest battles in history and required a close relationship between plastic surgeon and dentist in the management of facial… Read more »

By Robert Love , Tom Brooking , Andrew Bamji and In   Issue Volume 17 No. 1 .

Logistic aspects of a deployable molecular microbiology laboratory

A molecular diagnostic laboratory was deployed overseas in response to a suspected emerging infectious disease in Sri Lanka in early 2008. The equipment and procedures used are established technology, well within the capability of a large hospital laboratory. However, the main obstacles to operating these systems in a resource-limited, tropical environment are better understood with… Read more »

By Vesanthia Thevanesam , Joanne Montgomerya , Indika Jayasinghe , Adam Merritt and Timothy J Inglis In   Issue Volume 17 No. 1 .

Letters to the Editor

Dear Sir I read with great interest a most commendable paper by LTCOL Kerry Clifford on Defence Health Service or Health Advice Agency: “An alternative reality to the Stevens Review” in Vol 16 Number 3 What is refreshing is that the alternatives brought up were in fact debated by the Committee in South Australia that… Read more »

By Robert Atkinson In   Issue Volume 17 No. 1 .