Volume 24 No. 4

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Teledermatology – A proposed Model for the Australian Defence Force

Colgrave, Nevin; MBBS (Hons), FRACGP, MPH, DCH, BIntBus, GradDip Chinese Lang; Village Family Practice Muir, Jim; MBBS, FACD; South East Dermatology Keywords: Teledermatology, Australian Defence Force, Tele-Derm National, Rural and Remote Medical Education Online Abstract Background: Teledermatology is becoming increasingly popular as a way of providing specialist review of dermatology patients in remote areas. The… Read more »

By Nevin Colgrave In   Issue Volume 24 No. 4 .

Pacific Island Societies Destabilised by Infectious Diseases

Prof G. Dennis Shanks MD1,2,3 Abstract Infectious diseases de-populated many isolated Pacific islands when they were first exposed to global pathogen circulation from the 18th century. In most cases it is difficult to reconstruct mortality risk factors as few literate observers were present when the first epidemics arrived with lethality dropping rapidly during subsequent epidemics…. Read more »

By Dennis Shanks In   Issue Volume 24 No. 4 .

2016 AMMA Poster Presentations

Poster presentations 64 – 100 Years of Military Dietetics 64 – A Case of Crohns Disease Vs No Crohns Disease 65 – Damage Control Surgery and Combat-Related Maxillofacial and Cervical Injuries: A Systematic Review 66 – Ettie Rout – First World War Safe Sex Advocate 66 – Long Term Use of Antidepressants in the Australian… Read more »

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2016 AMMA Conference Abstracts

9 – A Bibliometric Analysis of Military Trauma Registry Publications 10 – A Novel Peer-Lead Treatment Program for Military Veterans: The Stair Program 10 – ADF Forward CBRN Medical Capabilities – Preparing for Black Swans 11 – An Integrative Approach to Measurement of Resilience to Psychological Stress 12 – Army Combat Health Certification – How… Read more »

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The Battle of the Sunda Strait

On 28th February 1942, HMAS PERTH, a light cruiser, and USS HOUSTON, a heavy cruiser, having survived the Battle of the Java Sea the previous day, stopped briefly in Tanjung Priok, Jakarta’s port, to take on limited supplies of fuel and ammunition, before being ordered to withdraw to the south of Java via the Sunda… Read more »

By Andrew Robertson In   Issue Volume 24 No. 4 .