Volume 23 No. 1

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As we move into 2015, we have a unique opportunity to look back to the origins of Australian Defence Force health services 100 years ago, the changes in Defence healthcare in the intervening years and where we might expect to go into the future. The fundamentals of conflicts and wars themselves have changed – from… Read more »

By Andrew Robertson In   Issue Volume 23 No. 1 .

Army Malaria Institute – its evolution and achievements. Fourth decade (2nd half): 2000-2005

Abstract The 2000-2005 quinquennium saw a marked drop in the number of Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel suffering from malaria following the deployment of an Australian Army Malaria Institute (AMI) outbreak investigation team to Timor Leste and improved compliance with various prevention measures. The field evaluation of novel drug regimens using currently registered and new… Read more »

By Karl H Rieckmann , Qin Cheng , Stephen P Frances , Scott Kitchener , Robert D Cooper , Alyson Auliff and Michael D Edstein In   Issue Volume 23 No. 1 .

Veterans with co-morbid posttraumatic stress disorder and mild traumatic brain injury: the nurse practitioners role in facilitating treatment

Abstract Background: Many military veterans experience events during deployment that cause mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) and symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Due to the inconsistencies in treatment plans for patients with these co-morbid conditions, it is important that nurse practitioners and other mental health care providers are aware of the options available and… Read more »

By Lori Wheeler and Kathryn Puskar In   Issue Volume 23 No. 1 .

Rabies post-exposure prophylaxis in Australian Defence Force personnel in Afghanistan

Abstract Background: Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel have been deployed to Afghanistan since 2002. The 2011 death of a US Army soldier from rabies raised the awareness of rabies in ADF personnel deployed in Afghanistan. Purpose: The study aims to review rabies exposure in ADF personnel supported by the Australian Role 1 health facility in… Read more »

In   Issue Volume 23 No. 1 .

Predicting bladder cancer death amongst Australian Veterans

Abstract Background The purpose of this study was to compare the veteran and non-veteran cohorts of patients diagnosed with bladder cancer in order to determine if veterans have a worse clinical outcome, as has previously been demonstrated  in  prostate cancer. Methods Using the Bladder Cancer Outcomes Database at the Repatriation General Hospital, South Australia, all… Read more »

By Sophie Plagakis , Sheryl Edwards , Michael O’Callaghan and Darren Foreman In   Issue Volume 23 No. 1 .