Volume 17 No. 3

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Essential Public Health: Theory and Practice

Edited by Stephen Gillan, Jan Yates and Padmanabhan Badrinath *1st edn. xiii +335 pp, paperback with illustrations and CD, ISBN 978-0-521-68983-0. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, RRP AUD97.00, 2007 Public health has done more than any other discipline to address global health issues and improve the standard of living and life expectancy, especially during the past… Read more »

By Peter Leggat In   Issue Volume 17 No. 3 .

Fast Facts – Eczema and Contact Dermatitis

John Berth-Jones, Eunice Tan and Howard I Maibach* *1st edition 2004, reprinted 2006, 94 pages, paperback with illustrations, ISBN 978-1-90374-32-2. Health Press Limited. Oxford, UK. RRP $44.00   Eczema is a common condition affecting both adults and children. Atopic eczema affects more than one in ten children in developed countries, with an incidence that is… Read more »

By Peter Aitken In   Issue Volume 17 No. 3 .

Pathophysiology, treatment and aeromedical retrieval of SCUBA – related DCI

Introduction The aviation and underwater environments both present unique demands on human physiology. Humans are well adapted to live on land, usually at low altitudes. With the invention of self contained underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA) humans have been exposed to an environment which has significant physical, physiological and psychological effects on the human body. An… Read more »

By Jeffrey Stephenson In   Issue Volume 17 No. 3 .

Norovirus outbreak in Australian Army personnel visiting Brisbane, Queensland, February 2007

Abstract In February 2007, there was an outbreak of gastroenteritis in a group of Townsville-based Australian Regular Army personnel visiting Gallipoli Barracks in Brisbane, Queensland. Of the 23 patients hospitalised, the majority presented with fevers, vomiting, abdominal cramps and diarrhoea. One patient’s presentation mimicked acute appendicitis and he underwent appendicectomy. Stool specimens were negative for… Read more »

By Dale Thomas In   Issue Volume 17 No. 3 .

The CMVH Introduction to Military Medicine Course – Gestation, delivery and postnatal period

Tri-service post-graduate vocational education in Medicine has not previously been available in the Australian Defence Force (ADF). Introduction to Military Medicine (IMM), originally designed as an introduction to the practice of medicine in the military, ran for the first time in 2008 as an on-line postgraduate course in the Master of Public Health (Defence) program… Read more »

By Scott Kitchener In   Issue Volume 17 No. 3 .

Case report of a patient with high flow priapism serving in the Middle East

Abstract This report outlines the management of a soldier serving in the Middle East who suffered a perineal injury while on out of theatre leave. He presented to a medical officer when he returned to theatre. Fortunately a urologist was in theatre and the patient was moved forward for review at a United States Army… Read more »

By Rob Parkinson , Richard Stack , Melissa Fernance and Darrell Duncan In   Issue Volume 17 No. 3 .

Inside this Edition

Once again JMVH demonstrates the diversity of military medical practice with an array of papers all relevant to those working in health service support to Defence Forces. With somewhat conflicted interest in the paper reporting on Centre for Military and Veterans’ Health Introduction to Military Medicine course, I can testify that this is worthwhile reading… Read more »

By Scott Kitchener In   Issue Volume 17 No. 3 .

President’s Message

As I write this note, a Four Corners program on post-traumatic stress disorder in the ADF has gone to air. Although not wanting to comment on the detail or veracity of reports as presented, broadcasting of this program does again highlight the importance of mental health to both the active military organisation and its members,… Read more »

By Russell Schedlich In   Issue Volume 17 No. 3 .