Volume 16 No. 1

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Operation Sumatra Assist Two

ADF operations are planned and executed in line with the government’s and the Operational Commander’s requirements. War fighting operations focus on winning the battle while health support is tailored to fit into this essential primary need. Recent ADF operations, however, have included tasks other than war (OOTW) such as OPERATION SUMATRA ASSIST ONE and TWO…. Read more »

By Fabian Purcell In   Issue Volume 16 No. 1 .

Rehabilitation of injured or ill Australian Defence Force (ADF) Members

The Director of the ADF Rehabilitation Services, Mr Jim Porteous, presented this article at the Defence Health Symposium in Brisbane on 21 October 2006. This article explains the purpose of rehabilitation in the ADF; building a seamless rehabilitation management process; the essence of best practice rehabilitation programs; and the outcomes we expect to achieve. Purpose… Read more »

By James S Porteous In   Issue Volume 16 No. 1 .

Unusual Poisons: Socrates Curse

Introduction This is the first in a series of articles looking at some unusual poisons that may not be familiar to most military health personnel. This is of particular relevance, as soldiers deployed on exercises or operations in rural and remote areas may consider using local vegetation as part of their food supply to supplement… Read more »

In   Issue Volume 16 No. 1 .

The Australian Defence Deployment Health Surveillance Program – InterFET Pilot

Introduction In 1999, the then Minister for Defence Science and Personnel, Minister Bruce Scott, announced that health reviews would be conducted for all Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel on future overseas deployments. Traditionally deployment health studies have been retrospective studies examining health issues that have arisen from veterans’ concerns on return from deployment. The Deployment… Read more »

By Annette Dobson , Christine McClintock , Adrian Barnett , Sonya Bennett , Bradley McCall and Susanne Connor In   Issue Volume 16 No. 1 .

Myers – the Dawn of a New Era

For both military medicine and for psychiatry, this paper is very important and even today there are lessons that can be taken from this work. There are interesting facets to all aspects of this article. To begin with, the title of the article is important. Myers describes his paper as “a contribution to the study… Read more »

By Dr Keith Horsley In   Issue Volume 16 No. 1 .

Initiating an Australian Deployment Health Surveillance Program

This first issue of the new Journal of Military and Veterans’ Health publishes a significant paper in the history of deployment health surveillance. The paper by Associate Professor Scott Kitchener and colleagues from the Centre for Military and Veterans’ Health describes a small but seminal Australian pilot project that has informed the foundation and development… Read more »

By Alexander McFarlane , Nikki Ellis and Susan Treloar In   Issue Volume 16 No. 1 .