Volume 25 No. 4

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This issue is primarily focused on the abstracts for the coming Australasian Military Medicine Conference to be held in Brisbane in October 2017. The abstracts reflect a very diverse and comprehensive overview of military health. As befitting the theme of the conference, there will be a significant number of presentations on all aspects of disaster… Read more »

In   Issue Volume 25 No. 4 .

Primary Health Care in the ADF

Commander Neil Westphalen, Royal Australian Navy Reserve Introduction This article follows a previous paper by the author regarding occupational and environmental medicine in the ADF.1 The previous paper asserts that high rates of preventable workplace illness and injury indicate the need to improve the management of the occupational and environmental hazards associated with ADF workplaces,… Read more »

In   Issue Volume 25 No. 4 .

2017 AMMA Poster Presentations

Poster Presentations 81- Electrocortical Evidence of Reduced Facial Threat Differentiation in Combat-Exposed Military Personnel Without clinically Significant Psychopathology Symptoms: An ERP Study 82- HKM the Key to Unlocking a Digitized Defence Health Capability 82- That was Close: ‘Near Misses’, ‘Dangerous Occurrences’ and ‘Hazardous Exposures’ in the Australian Army

In   Issue Volume 25 No. 4 .

2017 AMMA Conference Abstracts

Abstracts 9- A Review of Civil-Military Cooperation and Response During Epidemic and Pandemic Events 9- A Systematic Approach to Ensure Full Preparedness of Medical Support Missions in Disaster and Conflict Scenarios 11- Airway and Ventilation Management following Severe Burns 11- An Endoscopic Trial of Fibrin/Thrombin Patches, Fibrin/Thrombin glue and Beta-Chitin Patches for Major Vessel Bleeding… Read more »

In   Issue Volume 25 No. 4 .