Volume 23 No. 4

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2015 AMMA Conference Abstracts

Please find attached the 2015 AMMA Conference Abstracts. Contents 8 – The ADF Centre for Mental Health Second Opinion Clinic. (Dr Duncan Wallace & LTCOL Jacqueline Costello) 8 –ADF Medical Specialist Program/Clinical Placement Deed Update. (CMDR Craig Spinks & CMDR Wendy Davey) 9 – ADF Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2016-2020: where we have come from and where… Read more »

In   Issue Volume 23 No. 4 .

Naval casualty management training using human patient simulators

This paper presents the SUCCeSS (Shipboard & Underwater Casualty Care & Sedation Simulation) program conducted by the Haifa Naval Base Medical Department with the support of the Maritime Medicine Branch of the Israeli Navy and the Trauma Instruction Section of the Israeli Defense Forces Medical Academy. The program began in 2011, undertaking to train naval trauma teams in Naval Casualty Management (NCM) on… Read more »

By S Itamar Netzer , Aviram Weiss and David Hoppenstein In   Issue Volume 23 No. 4 .

Australian Doctors at War. A literature review. Part Two: After Gallipoli

Introduction After the evacuation of Gallipoli, the AIF was reorganised in Egypt, and divided in two. The larger part, I Anzac Corps, under the Australian General Birdwood, was moved to France in March 1916. The smaller part, comprising II Anzac Corps, under the New Zealander General Godley, and later including the famous Anzac Mounted Division under General Chauvel, remained to protect Egypt,… Read more »

By S Due In   Issue Volume 23 No. 4 .

Epidemiology of Medical Discharge in the New Zealand Defence Force

Introduction The military demands a high level of physical and psychological health of its members throughout their career. Physical or mental illness may render service members disabled or at least unable to achieve minimum health standards required for their role, at which point they may be discharged from service. Discharge and release from service is an inevitable and necessary part of business. However… Read more »

By G.S. Iremonger , K. Atalag , B.J. Johnston and A.D.K Campbell In   Issue Volume 23 No. 4 .