Poster Presentations

In   Issue Volume 15 No. 2 .

  1. Dietetic Challenges in the Defence Force – D Moore
  2. Soft Tissue Injury Does Not Reduce the Effectiveness  of Recombinant Activated Factor VII (rFVIIa) to Improve Survival in Incompressible Haemorrhage – SA Watts*, M Green, C Parry, G Lawton, N Martin, E Kirkman
  3. Optimising the Utility of Defence Injury Surveillance Systems – A McKinnon
  4. Military Load Carriage Research: Improving Soldier Performance and Minimizing Injury Risk – RL Atwells*, MA Jaffrey, DC Billing, D Crameri
  5. Management  of Low Back Pain – A J Delaney
  6. Do We Need  Paediatricians in the ADF Health Service? Four Years Experience of Providing Medical  Support to the Australian Army Cadet Corps Annual Camp – GF Gill