Inside this Edition

By Andrew Robertson In   Issue Volume 22 No. 2 .

As we move closer to the 100th anniversary of the start of the Great War, I am constantly reminded of the sacrifices made by our ancestors to fight that war. In this issue, the Journal has reprinted the HMAS Sydney’s Medical Officer’s log for 09 November 1914 as she battled the SMS Emden near¬† the Cocos Islands. In keeping with this World War 1 theme, this issue has two excellent articles on the challenges of Army recruiting during the war and on the formation of medical units in response to the epidemic in the Palestine in 1918. Further articles on World War I will be published in future issues.

This issue also looks at the management of mid-facial fractures, mental distress in military personnel and the history of tuberculosis, a disease that has plagued conflict and humanitarian assistance situations, in two parts.

As Editor, I continue to look for relevant and interesting papers, both academic and operational, for future issues.  I encourage all our readers to consider publishing in JMVH in your area of expertise or interest.


Andy Robertson