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2016 AMMA Conference Abstracts

9 – A Bibliometric Analysis of Military Trauma Registry Publications 10 – A Novel Peer-Lead Treatment Program for Military Veterans: The Stair Program 10 – ADF Forward CBRN Medical Capabilities – Preparing for Black Swans 11 – An Integrative Approach to Measurement of Resilience to Psychological Stress 12 – Army Combat Health Certification – How… Read more »

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Conference Abstracts

The Emotional and Behavioural Challenges of Pandemic Situations – H Holloway Operational Mental Health – The Challenge to Finding the Facts – G. Larkin The Nursing Management of the Intoxicated Patient: A Rural Perspective – SC  Mangion “I’m an Australian, Get me out of here.” Health Support to the Lebanon Evacuation – T Smart, D Mitchell ‘Naturally-functional foods’: Roles for Molecular Composition… Read more »

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2007 AMMA Conference Abstracts

Ortho/soft tissue DCS, US Vs Aust training – Greg Bruce Trauma-damage control surgery: post-operative care – George Merridew Damage control head and neck surgery and the training of the military surgeon – Jeffrey Rosenfeld Clinical priorities of perioperative care supporting damage control – the chain of survival for battlefield trauma – Sandy Zalstein Psychological support to high risk groups: a review of the challenges… Read more »

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2009 AMMA Conference Abstracts

Click Here to Download Full Abstracts  Fiona Wood – A decade of disaster planning for burn injuries Stephanie Hodson and Alexander McFarlane – What are the mental health outcomes of deployment? Disagreement amongst our allies John Shephard, Kane Lavender and John Sanderson – A descriptive study of mental health morbidity in the RAP of a high readiness infantry battalion… Read more »

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2015 AMMA Conference Abstracts

Please find attached the 2015 AMMA Conference Abstracts. Contents 8 – The ADF Centre for Mental Health Second Opinion Clinic. (Dr Duncan Wallace & LTCOL Jacqueline Costello) 8 –ADF Medical Specialist Program/Clinical Placement Deed Update. (CMDR Craig Spinks & CMDR Wendy Davey) 9 – ADF Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2016-2020: where we have come from and where… Read more »

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AMMA/Repat Foundation Inc. Joint Conference Abstracts

Download Full Abstracts Here  Tim Hodgetts – The combat casualty care revolution Kym Connolly, Jacqui Derriman, Liam Connor – Using mobile technology to improve patient compliance and manage Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms: PTSD Coach Australia Monique Crane, Virginia Lewis, David Forbes, Andrew Cohn, Helen Benassi, Russell Reid – The Longitudinal ADF Study Evaluating Resilience Breanna Wright, Andrew Forbes, Helen… Read more »

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2012 AMMA Conference Abstracts

Download Full Abstracts Here  Adrian Smith, Sonu Qurashi – Motion sickness desensitisation: a review of ADF experience of ‘success’ CMDR Anthony Holley, Mr Nick Mckeough RN, LTCOL Michael Reade – Transfusion practice in critical care burns patients – lessons for the military Mr Geoffrey Crowley, Dr Mark Creaby, Ms Sharne Neill, Prof Julie Hides, Dr Melinda Smith – Lumbar multifidus muscle size… Read more »

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2011 AMMA Conference Abstracts

Download Full Abstracts Here Annette Dobson, Keith Horsley, Carol Davy, Wu Yi Zheng, Michael Waller, Susan Treloar, Maria Abraham, Jeeva Kanesarajah, Derek Browne, Colleen Loos – Middle East Area Operations Health Study Dr Ian Norton – Training health personnel for disaster humanitarian responses; the power of immersion Neil Westphalen – The CANBERRA Class LHDs: a New Maritime Role 2 Enhanced Capability for… Read more »

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South Australian Defence and Veteran Research Paper Day Abstracts

Better health outcomes for OSA using the Flinders Chronic Disease Management Program Antic, NA, Garner S, Harris M, Heatley E, McEvoy RD, Battersby M Introduction: Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a chronic disease with long term complications. OSA is a disease more prevalent in men and seen in higher prevalence amongst Veteran populations. Medical management of OSA includes CPAP to maintain… Read more »

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