President’s Message

By Greg Mahoney In   Issue Volume 20 No. 1 .

Welcome to the latest edition of the Journal of Military and Veterans’ Health and I hope that the New Year finds you all safe and well as many parts of Australia, yet again, are being severely affected by weather events. As I write this, I have one eye on the creek crossing near my house. 2012 is the time we can celebrate the Australian Military Medicine Association’s coming of age and we are deep in the planning phase for our 21st. This particular edition of JMVH has the abstracts from our 2011 conference and is a recognition that there were many excellent presentations which were, in no small way, contributory to the success of the 20th AMMA Conference.

On the 4th February the AMMA executive will hold a strategic planning meeting to plan for the Association’s future directions. We will be covering a broad range of subjects including; the Journal, membership, the conference and, our community profile. I am personally looking forward to the weekend as an opportunity to reinvigorate the Association as a mature and successful organisation able to meet its members’ needs and aspirations and hope to convey the outcomes of the meeting in future editions of JMVH and our website.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank members for their contributions to the Journal and encourage others especially our junior members to contribute.

I would like to congratulate Air Vice-Marshal Dr Hugh Bartholomeusz on his appointment as the Surgeon General Australian Defence Force Reserves and welcome him as the new Patron of the Australian Military Medicine Association. Hugh is a founding member of AMMA and we look forward to working with him over the next few years.

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