2010 AMMA Conference Abstracts

In   Issue Volume 19 No. 1 .

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  1. David Mearns – Keynote Speaker
  2. The search for Australia’s most famous WW2 shipwrecks: HMAS SYDNEY & THE HOSPITAL SHIP CENTAUR
  3. David Morton – Overview ADF Mental Health Strategy – Next generation
  4. Cherie Nicholson – Post-Deployment Psychological Screening: Mental Health trends for 2009 – What can they tell us.
  5. Jennifer Harland – The Four-Day Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Program
  6. Duncan Wallace – Management of Traumatic Brain Injury
  7. Leut Scott Finlayson – Our Lost colleagues of HMAS SYDNEY II – The Medical Officers and Sick Berth Attendants of “The Stormy Petrel”
  8. Assoc. Prof Geoffrey Quail – Tropical Medicine and the Great War. The contribution of the Australian Army Medical Corps
  9. Dr Barry Reed – Endurance, Courage and Care: The 1942 Kokoda track campaign of Captain Alan Watson,
    Dental Surgeon
  10. Neil Westphalen – The loss of HMAS SYDNEY II: Medical aspects
  11. Maj Gen Jeffery Rosenfeld – Training the Military Surgeon for the Australian Defence Force
  12. Ass Prof Bruce Waxman – Non-technical core competencies for surgeons in disaster response – Need for a training program!
  13. Dr William Heddle – Roles of consultant physicians in the Australian Defence Force (ADF)
  14. Dr James Ross – The growth of paramedic roles and the urgent need for national standards
  15. Dr Jim Iliopoulos – Special forces: Battlefield trauma care training
  16. Maj Ken Wishaw – Hypothermia and the battle casualty
  17. FLTLT Katrina Franke – Surgical workload at the role 3 multinational medical unit, Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan
  18. LT COL Darryl Tong – Combat-related maxillofacial injuries: the Kandahar experience
  19. Dr Carol Davy, Col Stephanie Hodson, Assoc Prof Susan Treloar, Ms Mirand Van Hoof, Dr Christopher Baron,
    Ms Nicole Steele, Dr Alan Verhargen, Prof Alexander McFarlane – Towards a better understanding of the physical and mental health of ADF personnel
  20. COL S. E. Hodson, LTCOL A Cohn, Dr M Crane & LTCOL N Sadler – 2 BattleSMART – Self regulation and resilience training
  21. M. F. Crane, Assoc. Prof. V. Lewis, Ltcol A. Cohn, Col S. E. Hodson, Prof M. Creamer, Prof. R. Bryant, Dr R. Parslow, Prof A. Mcfarlane – LASER-Resilience: a longitudinal ADF study examining resilience
  22. M. F. Crane, C. Chesney, M. Bond, A. Cohn, & S. E. Hodson – ADF resilience training: the evaluation of a new
    ADF resilience training initiative.
  23. Dr Adrian Smith – Real-world attenuation of foam earplugs
  24. BRIG Stephan Rudzki – Lessons learnt from a heatstroke death
  25. Neil Westphalen – Navy asbestos containing material (ACM)
  26. Dr Peter Peters – Welding injuries to the ear: from the superficial to deep
  27. Jane Hayter – Occupational rehabilitation in the ADF
  28. John Fely – Reflections on a new initiative: case co-ordination for clients with complex needs
  29. Rowena English – Life after amputation – ignorance is not bliss
  30. Scott Mengel – Australian Defence Force paralympic sports program & association
  31. Dr Jeff Stephenson – Disaster and mass casualty response
  32. Dr Ben Manion – Pre-hospital care of severe head trauma
  33. Dr Anthony Holley – Microcirculatory changes in response to smoke inhalational injury
  34. CMDR Ian Young – Case report of thoracic spine fractures from IED blast in an armoured vehicle
  35. John Resta – The US Army Public Health Command initiative: transforming public health services for the
    US Army
  36. COL Georgeina Whelan – Comprehensive soldier fitness in forces command
  37. Dr Barry Reed – Dental blitz: the three week campaign of the AACAP Dental Team at Doomadgee
  38. Michael Waller – Changes over time in the healthy soldier effect
  39. LTCOL Geoffrey Orme – The post deployment adjustment of army reservists from stability operations: a winning combination?
  40. Dr Duncan Wallace – Are suicide rates for young Australian males really falling? The recent controversy explained
  41. LTCOL Geoffrey Orme – The protective effect of hardiness on Australian Army Reservists deployed on stability operations
  42. Shane Latimer – Learning to be lethal: patterns of non-suicidal selfinjury (NSSI) and suicide attempts in young adults
  43. SQNDLR Robyn Tatnell – Australian Medical Task Force 5 (AUSMTF5)
  44. Dr James Ross – The next phase in Ooperational health models – embedding health professionals
  45. COL Scott Kitchener – Cultural competence: making horizontal integration work for ADF general practice
    registrars in the Australian general practice training program
  46. Dr Andrew Gordon – Mobile Field RAP, regimental aid post
  47. LTCOL Susie Busch – Managing expectations – can we really call on our big blue brother?
  48. Dr Barry Reed – Development of a short training course for ADF health care personnel in the primary care of
    maxillofacial wounds from battlefield trauma
  49. Mary Langcake – Afghanistan – was I ready for that
  50. LTCOL Helen Murphy – Innovation in Joint Health Command clinical governance
  51. CAPT Amanda Jane Currie – Clinical governance and deployed health
  52. Dr Isaac Seidl – An introduction to human research ethics for first time defence researchers
  53. COL Craig Schramm – JP2060 Phase 3 – the future joint health operational concept
  54. Dr Peter Nasveld – Longitudinal health surveillance of military populations – is it worthwhile?
  55. Associate Professor Susan Treloar, Dr Annabel McGuire, Dr Katherine Kirk, Mr Michael Waller, Prof Annette Dobson – Deployment and post-deployment experience of women in the East Timor and Bougainville
    deployment health studies
  56. Dr Helen Kelsall, Dr Marian Abouzeid, Prof Andrew Forbes, Prof Malcolm Sim, Prof Mark Creamer – Post-traumatic stress disorder and hypertension amongst Australian veterans of the 1991 gulf war
  57. Associate Professor Susan Treloar, Dr Annabel McGuire, Dr Katerine Kirk Mr Michael Waller, Prof Annette Dobson – Mental health of women in the near north area of influence deployment health studies
  58. MAJ Jacqueline Costello and MAJ Kristi Heffernan – 1 Psych Unit Support to ADF operations; current
    practices and future concepts
  59. Dr John Shephard – Force preservation and enhanced rehabilitation services: lessons from a high tempo environment
  60. Dr Anna Lewis – The HMAS Kuttabul clinical pilates rehabilitation programme
  61. Dr Annabel Mcguire – Understanding the impact of military deployment on families: an Australian study
  62. Colonel Graham Durant-Law – How did we get there and where are we going
  63. Dr Adrian Smith – Pilot selection anthropometry – a comparison with measures taken by a single AVMO
  64. Dr James Ross – Civilian aeromedical evacuation in support of the ADF
  65. Dr Jeff Stephenson – Contagious diseases, international health regulations and aeromedical evacuation
  66. Dr Glenn Pascoe – Introduction of the MRH90 Helicopter and TopOwl helmet for operational use by the Royal
    Australian Navy
  67. Professor Arthur Smith – Revised management strategies for urological injuries during wartime
  68. BRIG Stephan Rudzki – The cost and outcomes of spinal surgery in a military cohort
  69. Vicki Pocius – Recognising early deteriorating signs – a project at Kapooka Health Centre
  70. Dr Axel Schubert – On target: Hemorrhage control in deployed settings
  71. Dr Jillian Ikin – The longer term physical and psychological health of Australia’s gulf war veterans
  72. Cristina Cotea – Electronic health record adoption: perceived barriers and facilitators